The FAQ is a living document of all the questions we see the most here at AWHQ. Simply click on a question below to reveal the answer. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.
What is Alpha Warrior?
Simple answer - Alpha Warrior is a new type of obstacle course that will push you in ways you've never been pushed before. Alpha Warrior is about having fun with your friends and attempting obstacles you've rarely, if ever, seen in real life. Alpha Warrior is not measured in miles or distance, but focuses on the obstacles themselves. Alpha Warrior is one insane obstacle after another - testing your physical and mental limits. The objective is to complete each obstacle on the course and finish with a 100% completion rate to become a PROVEN Alpha Warrior.
Is Alpha Warrior the same as other events out there like Spartan Race or Warrior Dash?
Not at all. Don’t get us wrong – we love mud runs and never miss a chance at participating when they are near! The difference is, we love obstacles and lots of them. We took out the miles, the mud, and brought new obstacles to challenge you. You won’t have to drive outside the city limits to find Alpha Warrior because our events take place in the heart of the cities we visit.
Is Alpha Warrior a race or competition?
Alpha Warrior is not a race (with the exception of Elite Class). Alpha Warrior is a way to challenge yourself both physically and mentally on obstacles you rarely get a chance to see in person. You can run through as an individual or with a team, there is no wrong way to attack the course.
What is the difference between Open Class and Elite Class?
Either class will push you to your limit; however, Elite Class waves are a head-to-head competition for a guaranteed cash payout to the top 3 male and top 3 female finishers.
Is this a traveling event series?
Yes. The Alpha Warrior course will be taken around the country allowing people from all over the United States to have their shot at it.
Can I use the Alpha Warrior logo on merchandise or apparel?
Although we appreciate your interest and excitement about Alpha Warrior, we do not allow the personal or professional use of Alpha Warrior’s logo.
Are there bathrooms at Alpha Warrior?
Absolutely, we will have facilities available for participant and spectator use.
Is there an age requirement to participate in Alpha Warrior?
Anyone age 16 and older is eligible to participate in an Alpha Warrior Challenge, however; if you are under the age of 18 your will need a parent or guardian there to sign the participant waiver on your behalf.
What is the cost to register for Alpha Warrior?
The cost to participate in Alpha Warrior is typically $70 - $100 depending on when you register. The earlier you register for an event, the cheaper the entry will be. Visit the EVENTS page for detailed pricing information.
What is the cost to be a spectator?
Spectator costs are typically $15 - $25 depending on whether you pre-register online or at the gate.
What is included in the entry fee?
In addition to entry into Alpha Warrior, you will receive an official Alpha Warrior shirt, Alpha Warrior finisher’s medal, Nutridurance protein/energy bars, and the experience of a lifetime! Bragging rights are a given. You also get access to the post-race festivities and can watch the action all day.
Why do I have to pay a $15 insurance fee?
The $15 insurance fee is a mandatory part of registration for Alpha Warrior. Our insurance company requires all participants to purchase this limited policy and no exceptions can be made.
Do I have to sign a waiver?
Yes. When you arrive on event day, you must sign a waiver in which you acknowledge (among other things) that by participating in Alpha Warrior you expose yourself to certain risks, including the risk of personal injury. For legal reasons, we suggest that you read and understand the waiver before you sign it on event day.
Does Alpha Warrior offer Discounts?
The best way to find out about discounts or current promotions is to be active on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.
Is there a discount for Military, First Responders, Police Officers, or Firefighters?
Alpha Warrior would like to thank all active-duty, reserve, and veteran United States military personnel as well as Police, Fire, and EMS for their service and sacrifice to our country.

Use one of the following codes during checkout for $10 off: MILITARY, POLICE, FIRE, or EMS.

Note: You must present credentials, military ID, or DD214 during check-in on event day to honor this discount.
When is the deadline for registration?
The deadline for Alpha Warrior is different for each event. Visit the Events page for detailed information.
Can I receive a refund?
No, sorry. We do not issue refunds, regardless of circumstance, nor do we issue partial refunds, as per company policy and the terms & conditions that are agreed to by each participant during registration.
I'm injured and can't participate. Can I receive a refund?
No, sorry. No refunds will be issued due to any type of injury. If you are injured, you can still volunteer and receive a future Alpha Warrior credit.
Can I transfer my registration or spectator ticket to someone else?
Unfortunately, we don't allow registrations to transfer from person to person, regardless of circumstance. The person that signs up must be the one who shows up!
Can I transfer my registration to a different day or wave?
Yes, you are able to transfer your registration to participate on a different day or to a different wave as long as the transfer is during the Alpha Warrior Challenge event you are registered for.
I signed a waiver during online registration. Why do I have to sign again at check in?
Signing the waiver online is for you to have a record of agreement; however, our insurance requires that we have a hard copy for our records as well.
Will there be somewhere for me to check my things while I’m on the course?
Yes, we will have a gear check-in location on site at each event.
Do I have to pay for parking?
We do our best to secure venues where parking will be free of charge: unfortunately we can’t avoid this for all locations. Please refer to our events page for specifics on parking for each event.
What is the difficulty level?
We understand that the fitness level of participants widely varies and we take this into consideration when designing our obstacles. We designed this course to challenge people who consider themselves active. We highly recommend that you prepare yourself a few months before the event. If you feel that you are at an elite level of fitness, then we have Elite Class sign-ups available.
Is the course the same each day of the event?
For the Open Class, the course will remain the same each event day, so no matter what day you run, you'll get to experience all of the obstacles.
Can I repeat an obstacle if I fail?
You will get one shot per run to complete each obstacle. We highly recommend you come early and learn by watching others move through the course.
Am I eliminated from the course if I fail an obstacle?
No, you will not be eliminated from the course. Everyone will have the chance to try all the obstacles. For Open Class participants, you will progress to the next obstacle without penalty. Elite Class participants will have to carry out a physical penalty for failing an obstacle and MUST complete the final obstacle (Alcatraz) to be eligible for the cash prize.
Can I skip obstacles?
We strongly discourage skipping obstacles. Alpha Warrior is not a timed event and is about pushing yourself physically and mentally. You should be prepared to at least attempt each obstacle before moving on to the next. Look to your team and fellow athletes for help getting through each obstacle. Remember - Alpha Warrior is about having fun and pushing yourself. There's no shame in trying.

Elite Class participants must attempt each obstacle and are not allowed to skip. The physical penalty for failing an obstacle will take up more time and deplete you worse than the obstacle would have.
Is Alpha Warrior interested in Sponsorship and Vendors?
Yes, Alpha Warrior is always interested in sponsorship and vendors. For more information please see the Sponsorship Opportunities page or contact us at
Is Alpha Warrior looking for volunteers?
Yes, we are always looking for individuals and groups to volunteer. You can register as a volunteer directly from the event page for a specific city. Visit the Volunteer section to learn more about specific volunteer opportunities.
How long is a volunteer shift?
Volunteer shifts at an Alpha Warrior Challenge are generally 5-6 hours depending on how many waves we have in each city.
Do you offer discounts for volunteers?
Yes, anyone who volunteers at an Alpha Warrior Challenge will be able to run the course (after their volunteer shift has been completed) for $65 (insurance cost included). You can pre-register online when you sign up for your shift, or you can register on race day once your shift is over.
What is included in an Alpha Warrior Post Challenge event?
Our post challenge events will differ from challenge to challenge but we can assure you it will be an awesome time. We will have food and drinks for sale, music, and much more.
Is there an additional cost to go to the post challenge event?
No, entry to Alpha Warrior as a participant or spectator grants your full access to Alpha Warrior’s Post Challenge Event.