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JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam
Top 3 Male
1Robin PietschmannPASS [11/11]0:53.86100% Complete
2Kellen HallPASS [11/11]1:02.90100% Complete
3Maxim CravetPASS [11/11]1:20.49100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Alex ChanFAIL [6/11]2:03.57DQ on Hanging Spheres
2Alina PiunnoFAIL [1/11]0:41.97DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Robin PietschmannPASS [11/11]0:53.86100% Complete
2Kellen HallPASS [11/11]1:02.90100% Complete
3Maxim CravetPASS [11/11]1:20.49100% Complete
4Ryan BlacklawPASS [11/11]1:21.95100% Complete
5Andres LuevanoPASS [11/11]1:53.82100% Complete
6James FacePASS [11/11]1:55.70100% Complete
7Aaron WeathersPASS [10/11]2:48.56Strike on Battering Ram #2
8Jose TimanaPASS [10/11]1:33.25Strike on Ring Toss
9John FisherFAIL [9/11]2:15.43DQ on Decline Devil Steps
10Nolan AndersonFAIL [8/11]1:40.95DQ on Incline Devil Steps
11Alan AbadFAIL [8/11]1:05.68DQ on Incline Devil Steps
12Brandon BauerFAIL [7/11]1:58.33DQ on Broken Bars
13Ryan PavelichFAIL [6/11]2:52.94DQ on Hanging Spheres
14Alex ChanFAIL [6/11]2:03.57DQ on Hanging Spheres
15Terrell PretlowFAIL [5/11]0:58.80DQ on Hanging Rings
16Enemecio FelixFAIL [5/11]1:22.00DQ on Hanging Rings
17Cody StollFAIL [5/11]1:39.18DQ on Hanging Rings
18Christopher BylerFAIL [5/11]1:10.27DQ on Hanging Rings
19Cody BartolottaFAIL [4/11]0:56.33DQ on Hanging Cones
20Jason MarchantFAIL [4/11]1:30.43DQ on Hanging Cones
21Kenneth VinoskiFAIL [3/11]1:28.83DQ on Battering Ram #2
22Jason HuberFAIL [1/11]0:27.42DQ on Battering Ram #1
23Justin GoodwinFAIL [1/11]0:31.54DQ on Battering Ram #1
24Cameron GeigerFAIL [1/11]0:33.30DQ on Battering Ram #1
25Alina PiunnoFAIL [1/11]0:41.97DQ on Battering Ram #1
Arnold AFB
Top 3 Male
1Tony PenningtonFAIL [7/11]2:28.18DQ on Broken Bars
2Chris MckennaFAIL [5/11]1:27.98DQ on Hanging Rings
3Tom SinemusFAIL [5/11]2:15.17DQ on Hanging Rings
Top 3 Female

No results.

Overall Results
1Tony PenningtonFAIL [7/11]2:28.18DQ on Broken Bars
2Chris MckennaFAIL [5/11]1:27.98DQ on Hanging Rings
3Tom SinemusFAIL [5/11]2:15.17DQ on Hanging Rings
4Brian AllenFAIL [5/11]3:38.72DQ on Hanging Rings
5Paul RitterFAIL [4/11]1:58.26DQ on Hanging Cones
6Michael DavaultFAIL [3/11]0:44.33DQ on Battering Ram #2
7Jonathon DiasFAIL [3/11]0:58.14DQ on Battering Ram #2
8Mark BirdwellFAIL [2/11]0:37.20DQ on Transition Rings
9Brian KocherFAIL [2/11]0:38.53DQ on Transition Rings
10Oscar Samame CabellosFAIL [2/11]2:10.94DQ on Transition Rings
11Steven JohnsonFAIL [1/11]0:32.38DQ on Battering Ram #1
12Johnny GutierrezFAIL [1/11]0:34.30DQ on Battering Ram #1
13Hedison DoeFAIL [1/11]1:07.86DQ on Battering Ram #1
14Jason KanipeFAIL [1/11]1:03.70DQ on Battering Ram #1
15Nathan DegregoryFAIL [0/11]0:35.70DQ on Cliff Hanger
Columbus AFB
Top 3 Male
1Dylan FivecoatePASS [11/11]1:39.34100% Complete
2Adam TestonPASS [11/11]3:03.92100% Complete
3Chad RayPASS [10/11]2:00.52Strike on Decline Devil Steps
Top 3 Female
1Jennifer TrewettFAIL [4/11]1:42.91DQ on Hanging Cones
2Lauren RodgersFAIL [3/11]1:17.65DQ on Battering Ram #2
3Keara BucekFAIL [3/11]1:37.82DQ on Battering Ram #2
Overall Results
1Dylan FivecoatePASS [11/11]1:39.34100% Complete
2Adam TestonPASS [11/11]3:03.92100% Complete
3Chad RayPASS [10/11]2:00.52Strike on Decline Devil Steps
4Reginald RobertsPASS [10/11]1:47.27Strike on Transition Rings
5Quinton ThielePASS [10/11]2:55.80Strike on Transition Rings
6Benjamin PaulkFAIL [9/11]2:59.70DQ on Decline Devil Steps
7Austin FindlayFAIL [5/11]1:46.78DQ on Hanging Rings
8Dj MillerFAIL [5/11]1:08.51DQ on Hanging Rings
9Denver RodgersFAIL [5/11]1:43.46DQ on Hanging Rings
10Danny BrownFAIL [4/11]0:57.78DQ on Hanging Cones
11Brendan RodischFAIL [4/11]1:33.97DQ on Hanging Cones
12Jennifer TrewettFAIL [4/11]1:42.91DQ on Hanging Cones
13Stephen OsakueFAIL [4/11]2:03.23DQ on Hanging Cones
14Michael CancellareFAIL [3/11]1:13.40DQ on Battering Ram #2
15Lauren RodgersFAIL [3/11]1:17.65DQ on Battering Ram #2
16Keara BucekFAIL [3/11]1:37.82DQ on Battering Ram #2
17Nathan EvansFAIL [3/11]1:39.23DQ on Battering Ram #2
18Rolando ChavezFAIL [3/11]1:49.61DQ on Battering Ram #2
19Tyler MooreFAIL [3/11]2:11.72DQ on Battering Ram #2
20Daryl KomulainenFAIL [3/11]2:43.75DQ on Battering Ram #2
21Tremaine JonesFAIL [3/11]1:41.70DQ on Battering Ram #2
22Kynan ValenciaFAIL [3/11]0:47.83DQ on Battering Ram #2
23Spencer HurlburtFAIL [3/11]0:53.37DQ on Battering Ram #2
24Jarred MontgomeryFAIL [3/11]0:56.70DQ on Battering Ram #2
25Patricia WilligrodFAIL [2/11]1:06.66DQ on Transition Rings
26Brett AlbertsonFAIL [2/11]1:13.60DQ on Transition Rings
27Ben PeacockFAIL [2/11]0:33.90DQ on Transition Rings
28Anthony ConnorsFAIL [2/11]0:35.60DQ on Transition Rings
29Mufasa ColeyFAIL [2/11]0:47.28DQ on Transition Rings
30Dan WilburnFAIL [2/11]0:48.13DQ on Transition Rings
31Seth YeltonFAIL [2/11]0:50.63DQ on Transition Rings
32Matthew BrooksFAIL [2/11]1:10.98DQ on Transition Rings
33Aaric RogersFAIL [1/11]0:25.90DQ on Battering Ram #1
34Matt FraserFAIL [1/11]0:38.90DQ on Battering Ram #1
35Jose TorresFAIL [1/11]0:39.11DQ on Battering Ram #1
36Brittany WilcoxFAIL [1/11]0:41.24DQ on Battering Ram #1
37Emily IrvinFAIL [1/11]0:44.80DQ on Battering Ram #1
38Fabian VazquezFAIL [1/11]0:45.96DQ on Battering Ram #1
39Zachary KunklerFAIL [1/11]0:47.19DQ on Battering Ram #1
40Hannah BeanFAIL [1/11]0:47.41DQ on Battering Ram #1
41David WilcoxFAIL [1/11]0:55.68DQ on Battering Ram #1
42Blaine JohnsonFAIL [1/11]1:00.71DQ on Battering Ram #1
43Jessica TedfordFAIL [1/11]1:02.77DQ on Battering Ram #1
44Jim PainterFAIL [1/11]1:06.56DQ on Battering Ram #1
45Cory HenningFAIL [1/11]0:57.50DQ on Battering Ram #1
46Justin SalvioneFAIL [1/11]1:05.39DQ on Battering Ram #1
47Christian PizarroFAIL [0/11]0:12.67DQ on Cliff Hanger
48Sabrina TurpinFAIL [0/11]0:13.40DQ on Cliff Hanger
49Thomas HeckmanFAIL [0/11]0:14.90DQ on Cliff Hanger
50Ross ShealyFAIL [0/11]0:14.71DQ on Cliff Hanger
51Crystal GeberthFAIL [0/11]0:21.47DQ on Cliff Hanger
52John WeeksFAIL [0/11]0:24.20DQ on Cliff Hanger
53William CahallFAIL [0/11]0:29.97DQ on Cliff Hanger
Tinker AFB
Top 3 Male
1Ricky DentPASS [11/11]1:37.74100% Complete
2John MitchellPASS [11/11]1:58.49100% Complete
3Shaun AndersonPASS [11/11]2:00.40100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Ashlyn PaulsonFAIL [2/11]1:34.57DQ on Transition Rings
2Noelle ReevesFAIL [2/11]1:52.17DQ on Transition Rings
3Kristina SongFAIL [2/11]2:06.15DQ on Transition Rings
Overall Results
1Ricky DentPASS [11/11]1:37.74100% Complete
2John MitchellPASS [11/11]1:58.49100% Complete
3Shaun AndersonPASS [11/11]2:00.40100% Complete
4Kj RoebuckPASS [11/11]3:06.70100% Complete
5Kai NeuschelPASS [10/11]3:39.39Strike on Battering Ram #2
6Joshua WestPASS [10/11]1:26.69Strike on Battering Ram #1
7Bryce AlexanderFAIL [9/11]3:13.65DQ on Decline Devil Steps
8Andreas OwensFAIL [8/11]2:49.65DQ on Incline Devil Steps
9William ElliottFAIL [8/11]4:14.22DQ on Incline Devil Steps
10Josh HewittFAIL [6/11]3:33.47DQ on Hanging Spheres
11Jason LemmFAIL [6/11]1:52.84DQ on Hanging Spheres
12Zachary WasutaFAIL [6/11]1:56.37DQ on Hanging Spheres
13Paul FourquetFAIL [5/11]2:40.44DQ on Hanging Rings
14Nicky MangmoradethFAIL [4/11]1:34.40DQ on Hanging Cones
15Jerek GonzalesFAIL [4/11]1:34.95DQ on Hanging Cones
16Timothy RiceFAIL [4/11]1:51.00DQ on Hanging Cones
17Chris RumpfFAIL [4/11]2:39.58DQ on Hanging Cones
18Aaron KraemerFAIL [4/11]2:52.59DQ on Hanging Cones
19Wing CommanderFAIL [4/11]3:59.96DQ on Hanging Cones
20Daniel NoboursFAIL [3/11]1:32.37DQ on Battering Ram #2
21Ramone BassettFAIL [3/11]1:47.16DQ on Battering Ram #2
22Andrew NewsonFAIL [3/11]2:13.90DQ on Battering Ram #2
23Michael LinaweaverFAIL [3/11]0:29.90DQ on Battering Ram #2
24Stephen HuntFAIL [3/11]1:06.85DQ on Battering Ram #2
25George WaringFAIL [3/11]1:12.00DQ on Battering Ram #2
26Marshal JonesFAIL [3/11]1:47.23DQ on Battering Ram #2
27Michael PFAIL [2/11]0:59.37DQ on Transition Rings
28John FuentesFAIL [2/11]1:05.29DQ on Transition Rings
29Thomas MurrayFAIL [2/11]1:09.84DQ on Transition Rings
30Timothy ToliverFAIL [2/11]1:20.22DQ on Transition Rings
31Joshua PayneFAIL [2/11]1:34.90DQ on Transition Rings
32Ashlyn PaulsonFAIL [2/11]1:34.57DQ on Transition Rings
33Caleb LealFAIL [2/11]1:37.30DQ on Transition Rings
34Bobby KazmirFAIL [2/11]1:43.78DQ on Transition Rings
35Noelle ReevesFAIL [2/11]1:52.17DQ on Transition Rings
36Cody JonesFAIL [2/11]1:54.20DQ on Transition Rings
37Dallas PattersonFAIL [2/11]1:58.82DQ on Transition Rings
38William KraemerFAIL [2/11]2:02.17DQ on Transition Rings
39Kristina SongFAIL [2/11]2:06.15DQ on Transition Rings
40Seth LyskoskiFAIL [2/11]2:45.30DQ on Transition Rings
41John WoodcockFAIL [2/11]0:26.86DQ on Transition Rings
42Jeremy ZappFAIL [2/11]0:38.38DQ on Transition Rings
43Paul MobleyFAIL [2/11]1:07.47DQ on Transition Rings
44Christian CissellFAIL [2/11]1:10.00DQ on Transition Rings
45Courtney HinemeyerFAIL [1/11]0:27.80DQ on Battering Ram #1
46Thomas StephensonFAIL [1/11]0:38.14DQ on Battering Ram #1
47Luis NoriegaFAIL [1/11]0:39.27DQ on Battering Ram #1
48Justin GarsjoFAIL [1/11]0:44.50DQ on Battering Ram #1
49Gary VersuscoFAIL [1/11]0:44.22DQ on Battering Ram #1
50Wolfgang KimseyFAIL [1/11]0:44.59DQ on Battering Ram #1
51Jordan BraboFAIL [1/11]0:45.33DQ on Battering Ram #1
52Brandie BenoitFAIL [1/11]1:04.46DQ on Battering Ram #1
53Hugo Garza SalasFAIL [1/11]1:09.40DQ on Battering Ram #1
54Mikaela WilliamsFAIL [1/11]1:11.79DQ on Battering Ram #1
55Gabriel CamposFAIL [0/11]0:11.95DQ on Cliff Hanger
56Garytt ShireyFAIL [0/11]0:12.90DQ on Cliff Hanger
57Jean PaguayFAIL [0/11]0:14.13DQ on Cliff Hanger
58Justin LawsonFAIL [0/11]0:17.42DQ on Cliff Hanger
59Melody FalconFAIL [0/11]0:17.90DQ on Cliff Hanger
60James FilesFAIL [0/11]0:19.70DQ on Cliff Hanger
61Katrina OneilFAIL [0/11]0:19.82DQ on Cliff Hanger
62Kristen LowderFAIL [0/11]0:20.39DQ on Cliff Hanger
63Nikolaus BassFAIL [0/11]0:22.00DQ on Cliff Hanger
64Brent TesterFAIL [0/11]0:23.22DQ on Cliff Hanger
65Daniel DislaFAIL [0/11]0:23.79DQ on Cliff Hanger
66Tyler GardnerFAIL [0/11]0:26.29DQ on Cliff Hanger
67Donovan SteffenFAIL [0/11]0:28.67DQ on Cliff Hanger
68Deasia DunbarFAIL [0/11]0:31.28DQ on Cliff Hanger
Buckley AFB
Top 3 Male
1Jonathon AmundsonPASS [11/11]1:53.20100% Complete
2Charles BrucePASS [11/11]2:33.87100% Complete
3Alexander SchafferPASS [11/11]3:11.99100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Azul FarreraFAIL [8/11]5:01.70DQ on Incline Devil Steps
2Anna GeisslerFAIL [4/11]1:53.42DQ on Hanging Cones
3Lacey KapFAIL [2/11]2:12.89DQ on Transition Rings
Overall Results
1Jonathon AmundsonPASS [11/11]1:53.20100% Complete
2Charles BrucePASS [11/11]2:33.87100% Complete
3Alexander SchafferPASS [11/11]3:11.99100% Complete
4Luke KellyPASS [10/11]1:41.79Strike on Hanging Cones
5Chase FloresPASS [10/11]1:17.58Strike on Battering Ram #2
6Pablo ArellanoPASS [10/11]1:19.27Strike on Battering Ram #2
7Gabriel TorresPASS [10/11]2:29.44Strike on Battering Ram #2
8Joseph McIntoshPASS [10/11]1:48.80Strike on Transition Rings
9Jayce YeagerPASS [10/11]3:48.98Strike on Transition Rings
10Steven JavinarFAIL [9/11]3:45.19DQ on Decline Devil Steps
11Azul FarreraFAIL [8/11]5:01.70DQ on Incline Devil Steps
12Lu AungFAIL [8/11]4:05.21DQ on Incline Devil Steps
13Tyler SaundersFAIL [6/11]1:33.36DQ on Hanging Spheres
14Kyle LangelFAIL [6/11]1:37.58DQ on Hanging Spheres
15Rik StoneFAIL [4/11]1:07.57DQ on Hanging Cones
16Wendell HudnallFAIL [4/11]1:44.21DQ on Hanging Cones
17Joseph FritzFAIL [4/11]1:51.30DQ on Hanging Cones
18Luis AcostaFAIL [4/11]1:57.11DQ on Hanging Cones
19Tarek SalemFAIL [4/11]2:06.54DQ on Hanging Cones
20Nicholas TouriacFAIL [4/11]3:16.12DQ on Hanging Cones
21Anna GeisslerFAIL [4/11]1:53.42DQ on Hanging Cones
22Ho-Seong HanFAIL [3/11]2:18.62DQ on Battering Ram #2
23Steven EwellFAIL [3/11]1:10.47DQ on Battering Ram #2
24Edwin SierraFAIL [2/11]0:49.41DQ on Transition Rings
25Malik CharlesFAIL [2/11]1:04.90DQ on Transition Rings
26Jionni PaigeFAIL [2/11]1:11.90DQ on Transition Rings
27William FiggFAIL [2/11]1:28.90DQ on Transition Rings
28Mark BullivantFAIL [2/11]1:34.20DQ on Transition Rings
29Lacey KapFAIL [2/11]2:12.89DQ on Transition Rings
30Alex SchultzFAIL [2/11]0:59.67DQ on Transition Rings
31Christian LoweryFAIL [2/11]1:54.16DQ on Transition Rings
32Kristi ContardoFAIL [1/11]0:35.40DQ on Battering Ram #1
33James CardinalFAIL [1/11]0:37.12DQ on Battering Ram #1
34Matthew LeavorFAIL [1/11]0:44.70DQ on Battering Ram #1
35Haley BarmoreFAIL [1/11]0:50.43DQ on Battering Ram #1
36Gavin ParraFAIL [1/11]1:03.93DQ on Battering Ram #1
37Leandro SalgadoFAIL [1/11]1:05.18DQ on Battering Ram #1
38Reynaldo TamayoFAIL [1/11]1:21.75DQ on Battering Ram #1
39Morgan RoscoeFAIL [0/11]0:11.55DQ on Cliff Hanger
40Matthew AlbersFAIL [0/11]0:13.53DQ on Cliff Hanger
Air Force Academy
Top 3 Male
1Thomas ApplemanPASS [11/11]1:00.23100% Complete
2Charles GallowayPASS [11/11]1:13.32100% Complete
3Nathan SmithPASS [11/11]1:16.64100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Jen WendlandPASS [11/11]2:03.71100% Complete
2Lainie LongFAIL [8/11]1:59.90DQ on Incline Devil Steps
3Julieth CollazosFAIL [6/11]1:23.90DQ on Hanging Spheres
Overall Results
1Thomas ApplemanPASS [11/11]1:00.23100% Complete
2Charles GallowayPASS [11/11]1:13.32100% Complete
3Nathan SmithPASS [11/11]1:16.64100% Complete
4Cole SchwaegelPASS [11/11]1:26.91100% Complete
5Chris TitusPASS [11/11]1:32.97100% Complete
6Christopher Von HaaslPASS [11/11]1:44.64100% Complete
7Brian CorcoranPASS [11/11]1:47.24100% Complete
8Darren MillerPASS [11/11]1:54.12100% Complete
9Jen WendlandPASS [11/11]2:03.71100% Complete
10Bryce BecknerPASS [11/11]2:15.84100% Complete
11Mark BrownPASS [11/11]3:02.50100% Complete
12Anthony HemphillPASS [10/11]2:25.91Strike on Hanging Spheres
13Brian MillaPASS [10/11]2:42.12Strike on Battering Ram #2
14Zachery LorchFAIL [9/11]1:33.77DQ on Decline Devil Steps
15Abraham EatonFAIL [8/11]2:31.27DQ on Incline Devil Steps
16Lainie LongFAIL [8/11]1:59.90DQ on Incline Devil Steps
17Joshua WagnerFAIL [8/11]2:55.46DQ on Incline Devil Steps
18Joshua WhiteFAIL [7/11]2:59.79DQ on Broken Bars
19Samuel BrodyFAIL [7/11]1:45.70DQ on Broken Bars
20Julieth CollazosFAIL [6/11]1:23.90DQ on Hanging Spheres
21Nick HardmanFAIL [5/11]1:21.78DQ on Hanging Rings
22Mathew CoreFAIL [5/11]3:22.30DQ on Hanging Rings
23Usama BamiehFAIL [4/11]2:44.57DQ on Hanging Cones
24Andrew DeNicolaFAIL [3/11]0:57.86DQ on Battering Ram #2
25Victor KyleFAIL [3/11]0:57.90DQ on Battering Ram #2
26Caleb McCannFAIL [3/11]0:48.70DQ on Battering Ram #2
27Whitney HoermannFAIL [2/11]0:59.30DQ on Transition Rings
28Ernesto AragonFAIL [2/11]1:12.89DQ on Transition Rings
29David KincaidFAIL [2/11]1:14.37DQ on Transition Rings
30Maksat OmarFAIL [2/11]0:57.40DQ on Transition Rings
31Clayton HurdFAIL [1/11]0:35.64DQ on Battering Ram #1
32Kamryn OlkowskiFAIL [1/11]0:40.24DQ on Battering Ram #1
33Jireh RobinsonFAIL [1/11]0:42.53DQ on Battering Ram #1
34Jessica St cyrFAIL [1/11]0:49.12DQ on Battering Ram #1
35Naomi WilliamsFAIL [1/11]0:59.91DQ on Battering Ram #1
36Krisanna ReynoldsFAIL [1/11]0:42.22DQ on Battering Ram #1
Holloman AFB
Top 3 Male
1Tim KonradPASS [11/11]0:44.10100% Complete
2Adam GreenPASS [11/11]2:10.63100% Complete
3Trevor YeltonPASS [11/11]2:32.84100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Aubrey PradoFAIL [2/11]1:18.32DQ on Transition Rings
2Gina HerreraFAIL [2/11]1:29.29DQ on Transition Rings
3Stephanie ZolloFAIL [2/11]1:38.95DQ on Transition Rings
Overall Results
1Tim KonradPASS [11/11]0:44.10100% Complete
2Adam GreenPASS [11/11]2:10.63100% Complete
3Trevor YeltonPASS [11/11]2:32.84100% Complete
4Scott StipFAIL [6/11]1:42.25DQ on Hanging Spheres
5Ross PradoFAIL [6/11]1:40.11DQ on Hanging Spheres
6Bennie SatterfieldFAIL [5/11]1:30.50DQ on Hanging Rings
7Logan JonesFAIL [5/11]1:12.15DQ on Hanging Rings
8Ben JohnsonFAIL [4/11]1:41.57DQ on Hanging Cones
9Tim CarrenderFAIL [4/11]0:48.57DQ on Hanging Cones
10Kyle ShinnFAIL [3/11]0:52.18DQ on Battering Ram #2
11Izaak CaryFAIL [3/11]1:03.25DQ on Battering Ram #2
12Braden ShusterFAIL [3/11]1:28.95DQ on Battering Ram #2
13Deonte WilliamsFAIL [3/11]1:35.91DQ on Battering Ram #2
14Adrian ZavalaFAIL [2/11]0:57.77DQ on Transition Rings
15Joe BissonFAIL [2/11]1:07.46DQ on Transition Rings
16Taylor SochovkaFAIL [2/11]1:14.85DQ on Transition Rings
17Aubrey PradoFAIL [2/11]1:18.32DQ on Transition Rings
18Gina HerreraFAIL [2/11]1:29.29DQ on Transition Rings
19Richard MeekFAIL [2/11]1:38.60DQ on Transition Rings
20Stephanie ZolloFAIL [2/11]1:38.95DQ on Transition Rings
21Sean WaltonFAIL [2/11]0:35.30DQ on Transition Rings
22Bryton PollockFAIL [2/11]0:50.90DQ on Transition Rings
23Johnathan MercerFAIL [2/11]0:52.31DQ on Transition Rings
24Jae LeeFAIL [2/11]0:55.49DQ on Transition Rings
25Charlye AlonsoFAIL [2/11]1:13.94DQ on Transition Rings
26Dayton ChristianFAIL [2/11]1:35.16DQ on Transition Rings
27Tye BaineFAIL [1/11]0:18.21DQ on Battering Ram #1
28Javari HinesFAIL [1/11]0:34.25DQ on Battering Ram #1
29Yelida Del Valle RuizFAIL [1/11]0:34.34DQ on Battering Ram #1
30Bryant SolonFAIL [1/11]0:39.61DQ on Battering Ram #1
31Wyatt MataFAIL [1/11]0:40.72DQ on Battering Ram #1
32Matthew PersonFAIL [1/11]0:52.23DQ on Battering Ram #1
33James CochranFAIL [1/11]0:53.21DQ on Battering Ram #1
34Lynn MattixFAIL [1/11]0:55.34DQ on Battering Ram #1
35Justin NapierFAIL [1/11]0:55.92DQ on Battering Ram #1
36Lauren WallaceFAIL [1/11]0:58.65DQ on Battering Ram #1
37Charles OlivaFAIL [1/11]0:59.46DQ on Battering Ram #1
38Michael MatuszekFAIL [1/11]1:02.68DQ on Battering Ram #1
39Jayson PerrymanFAIL [0/11]0:12.33DQ on Cliff Hanger
40David RenteriaFAIL [0/11]0:13.50DQ on Cliff Hanger
41Payten ConnallyFAIL [0/11]0:13.61DQ on Cliff Hanger
42Nicholas MartinezFAIL [0/11]0:14.52DQ on Cliff Hanger
43Dorothy SauneFAIL [0/11]0:15.68DQ on Cliff Hanger
44Chas HunnifordFAIL [0/11]0:16.10DQ on Cliff Hanger
45Eric BrownFAIL [0/11]0:25.76DQ on Cliff Hanger
46Eric ChristianFAIL [0/11]0:31.58DQ on Cliff Hanger
47Tasha GarciaFAIL [0/11]0:33.19DQ on Cliff Hanger
48Trent YeltonFAIL [0/11]0:33.28DQ on Cliff Hanger
Cannon AFB
Top 3 Male
1James ZaiserPASS [11/11]1:26.20100% Complete
2Bobby GeigerPASS [11/11]1:29.35100% Complete
3Gage PatePASS [11/11]1:52.52100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Lauren HickersonPASS [11/11]4:03.14100% Complete
2Monica ClementsFAIL [4/11]1:21.29DQ on Hanging Cones
3Jessica GonzalezFAIL [3/11]1:16.71DQ on Battering Ram #2
Overall Results
1James ZaiserPASS [11/11]1:26.20100% Complete
2Bobby GeigerPASS [11/11]1:29.35100% Complete
3Gage PatePASS [11/11]1:52.52100% Complete
4Benny BerezinPASS [11/11]1:52.97100% Complete
5Peyton MoneyPASS [11/11]2:11.61100% Complete
6Ethan CullitonPASS [11/11]2:32.24100% Complete
7Lauren HickersonPASS [11/11]4:03.14100% Complete
8Alan HamiltonPASS [10/11]1:31.11Strike on Decline Devil Steps
9Jason WilsonPASS [10/11]4:44.65Strike on Incline Devil Steps
10Chris RobertsonPASS [10/11]1:06.42Strike on Battering Ram #2
11Taylor SmithPASS [10/11]2:55.17Strike on Battering Ram #2
12Edgar ArellanoPASS [10/11]2:48.69Strike on Battering Ram #1
13Anthony KeetonFAIL [9/11]1:47.10DQ on Decline Devil Steps
14Austin WhiteFAIL [8/11]2:06.68DQ on Incline Devil Steps
15Shay PerkinsFAIL [5/11]1:41.25DQ on Hanging Rings
16Ryan ChadbourneFAIL [5/11]2:36.20DQ on Hanging Rings
17Steven NemnichFAIL [5/11]11:50.47DQ on Hanging Rings
18Gabriel PizarroFAIL [4/11]1:57.72DQ on Hanging Cones
19Monica ClementsFAIL [4/11]1:21.29DQ on Hanging Cones
20Wil GlaserFAIL [3/11]1:43.10DQ on Battering Ram #2
21Ethan CraigFAIL [3/11]0:48.83DQ on Battering Ram #2
22Kevon DauphineFAIL [3/11]1:03.52DQ on Battering Ram #2
23Jessica GonzalezFAIL [3/11]1:16.71DQ on Battering Ram #2
24Christopher StavinohaFAIL [3/11]0:44.15DQ on Battering Ram #2
25Kelby ZuercherFAIL [2/11]0:47.34DQ on Transition Rings
26Viktor EdensFAIL [2/11]0:52.70DQ on Transition Rings
27Stephanie RamirezFAIL [2/11]1:05.80DQ on Transition Rings
28Sean BurgoonFAIL [2/11]1:13.97DQ on Transition Rings
29Angel GuerreroFAIL [2/11]1:16.40DQ on Transition Rings
30Joe FasenFAIL [2/11]1:18.33DQ on Transition Rings
31Brady WashburnFAIL [2/11]1:31.63DQ on Transition Rings
32Glenn BelcherFAIL [2/11]1:34.46DQ on Transition Rings
33Heather PateFAIL [2/11]1:39.40DQ on Transition Rings
34Benjamin ThalleenFAIL [2/11]1:40.77DQ on Transition Rings
35Brian GarlandFAIL [2/11]1:41.73DQ on Transition Rings
36Taylor McintoshFAIL [2/11]1:50.32DQ on Transition Rings
37Emma ThalleenFAIL [2/11]2:02.50DQ on Transition Rings
38Luis PachecoFAIL [2/11]1:04.17DQ on Transition Rings
39Javan HarrisFAIL [2/11]0:44.84DQ on Transition Rings
40Demarcus ConeyFAIL [1/11]0:32.33DQ on Battering Ram #1
41Joheira HernandezFAIL [1/11]0:32.63DQ on Battering Ram #1
42Keeley PhillipsFAIL [1/11]0:33.50DQ on Battering Ram #1
43William SanteeFAIL [1/11]0:35.33DQ on Battering Ram #1
44Madison JetterFAIL [1/11]0:36.44DQ on Battering Ram #1
45Ricardo FernandezFAIL [1/11]0:37.77DQ on Battering Ram #1
46Tiquan ClantonFAIL [1/11]0:37.84DQ on Battering Ram #1
47Tim SutherlandFAIL [1/11]0:41.57DQ on Battering Ram #1
48Alex GonzalezFAIL [1/11]0:42.68DQ on Battering Ram #1
49Iris ArguetaFAIL [1/11]0:43.43DQ on Battering Ram #1
50Morgan SicklesFAIL [1/11]0:45.50DQ on Battering Ram #1
51Byne GoodinFAIL [1/11]0:47.29DQ on Battering Ram #1
52Larry ErmakovichFAIL [1/11]0:53.85DQ on Battering Ram #1
53Tawnni SanteeFAIL [0/11]0:33.21DQ on Cliff Hanger
54Keely ThalleenFAIL [0/11]0:55.52DQ on Cliff Hanger
Keesler AFB
Top 3 Male
1Brian Ferguson (30)PASS [11/11]1:03.13100% Complete
2Nathaniel Gomez (18)PASS [11/11]1:47.67100% Complete
3Mitchell Beckner (30)PASS [10/11]2:36.23Strike on Decline Devil Steps
Top 3 Female
1Aneesa Yohe (18)FAIL [5/11]3:10.61DQ on Hanging Rings
2Ashley Nelson (18)FAIL [1/11]0:42.42DQ on Battering Ram #1
3Caitlyn Harville (18)FAIL [1/11]1:02.50DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Brian Ferguson (30)PASS [11/11]1:03.13100% Complete
2Nathaniel Gomez (18)PASS [11/11]1:47.67100% Complete
3Mitchell Beckner (30)PASS [10/11]2:36.23Strike on Decline Devil Steps
4Tyler Prowant (18)FAIL [6/11]1:54.91DQ on Hanging Spheres
5Jacob Peterson (30)FAIL [6/11]1:48.61DQ on Hanging Spheres
6Jair Semexant (18)FAIL [5/11]2:07.88DQ on Hanging Rings
7Nyell Sanchez (18)FAIL [5/11]1:31.60DQ on Hanging Rings
8Coe Rangel (30)FAIL [5/11]2:05.48DQ on Hanging Rings
9Nickolas Swanson (18)FAIL [5/11]1:41.97DQ on Hanging Rings
10Nathan Calloway (30)FAIL [5/11]2:27.31DQ on Hanging Rings
11Aneesa Yohe (18)FAIL [5/11]3:10.61DQ on Hanging Rings
12Toribio Garcia (30)FAIL [5/11]1:06.19DQ on Hanging Rings
13Edward Thomas (30)FAIL [4/11]1:08.68DQ on Hanging Cones
14Turner Phillips (18)FAIL [4/11]1:47.84DQ on Hanging Cones
15Christopher Bradley (30)FAIL [3/11]1:40.58DQ on Battering Ram #2
16Alec Rawlings (18)FAIL [3/11]0:38.49DQ on Battering Ram #2
17David Turner (18)FAIL [3/11]0:46.59DQ on Battering Ram #2
18Levi Mburu (30)FAIL [2/11]0:56.83DQ on Transition Rings
19Donnell Brown (30)FAIL [2/11]0:57.20DQ on Transition Rings
20John Fox (50)FAIL [2/11]6:04.45DQ on Transition Rings
21Scott Grittner (30)FAIL [2/11]0:44.51DQ on Transition Rings
22Michael Blank (30)FAIL [2/11]1:18.16DQ on Transition Rings
23Michael Alaniz (18)FAIL [2/11]1:49.10DQ on Transition Rings
24William Deitch (40)FAIL [2/11]0:43.27DQ on Transition Rings
25Andrew Solito (18)FAIL [1/11]0:39.19DQ on Battering Ram #1
26Ashley Nelson (18)FAIL [1/11]0:42.42DQ on Battering Ram #1
27Caitlyn Harville (18)FAIL [1/11]1:02.50DQ on Battering Ram #1
28Pedro Martinez (30)FAIL [0/11]0:18.49DQ on Cliff Hanger
29Luke Ingram (18)FAIL [0/11]0:19.20DQ on Cliff Hanger
30Sadee Bernal (18)FAIL [0/11]0:24.96DQ on Cliff Hanger
31Audrey Mitstifer (18)FAIL [0/11]0:29.15DQ on Cliff Hanger
32Kellen Cone (30)FAIL [0/11]0:30.30DQ on Cliff Hanger
Eglin AFB
Top 3 Male
1Seth GollowayPASS [11/11]0:43.52100% Complete
2Randall ForsythePASS [11/11]1:00.20100% Complete
3Scott UnderdahlPASS [11/11]1:32.68100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Tiffany HatcherFAIL [9/11]3:55.60DQ on Decline Devil Steps
2Ruth MackFAIL [2/11]1:09.56DQ on Transition Rings
3Tiffany RoachFAIL [2/11]2:01.49DQ on Transition Rings
Overall Results
1Seth GollowayPASS [11/11]0:43.52100% Complete
2Randall ForsythePASS [11/11]1:00.20100% Complete
3Scott UnderdahlPASS [11/11]1:32.68100% Complete
4Alexis RiveraPASS [11/11]1:33.22100% Complete
5Chris ConeyPASS [11/11]1:34.60100% Complete
6Jacob HurstPASS [11/11]2:14.27100% Complete
7James ScheppegrellPASS [10/11]1:46.29Strike on Hanging Spheres
8Joshua VickreyPASS [10/11]3:03.11Strike on Hanging Spheres
9Tiffany HatcherFAIL [9/11]3:55.60DQ on Decline Devil Steps
10Robert JamiesonFAIL [8/11]1:31.31DQ on Incline Devil Steps
11Derrick NuzumFAIL [8/11]2:01.44DQ on Incline Devil Steps
12Bashshar SaundersFAIL [6/11]1:29.18DQ on Hanging Spheres
13Cesar-Julio Estrada Jr.FAIL [6/11]2:27.17DQ on Hanging Spheres
14Curtis PalmerFAIL [6/11]3:00.87DQ on Hanging Spheres
15Kyle GibbsFAIL [5/11]1:16.94DQ on Hanging Rings
16Demetrius ParkerFAIL [4/11]1:52.45DQ on Hanging Cones
17Evan GreenFAIL [4/11]1:57.48DQ on Hanging Cones
18Chris LedbetterFAIL [4/11]2:54.88DQ on Hanging Cones
19Jacob WoodallFAIL [3/11]0:50.39DQ on Battering Ram #2
20Albert MadridFAIL [3/11]1:20.57DQ on Battering Ram #2
21Philip HerzogFAIL [3/11]0:56.51DQ on Battering Ram #2
22Alec SchumppFAIL [2/11]0:51.65DQ on Transition Rings
23Franky RamosFAIL [2/11]1:00.24DQ on Transition Rings
24Ruth MackFAIL [2/11]1:09.56DQ on Transition Rings
25Collin SchumppFAIL [2/11]1:14.70DQ on Transition Rings
26John VandenbergFAIL [2/11]1:42.43DQ on Transition Rings
27Tiffany RoachFAIL [2/11]2:01.49DQ on Transition Rings
28Michael StantonFAIL [2/11]2:11.68DQ on Transition Rings
29Chris NgFAIL [2/11]0:40.30DQ on Transition Rings
30Solomon TongFAIL [2/11]0:51.52DQ on Transition Rings
31Nicholas BerryFAIL [2/11]1:00.88DQ on Transition Rings
32Alexander HolsteadFAIL [2/11]1:43.31DQ on Transition Rings
33Christopher GilbreathFAIL [1/11]0:36.22DQ on Battering Ram #1
34Jordan RigbyFAIL [1/11]0:43.74DQ on Battering Ram #1
35Sean SherlockFAIL [1/11]0:48.39DQ on Battering Ram #1
36Sebastian GilbreathFAIL [1/11]1:24.16DQ on Battering Ram #1
37Raquan MiddlebrooksFAIL [0/11]0:19.80DQ on Cliff Hanger
38Alexzha GarciaFAIL [0/11]0:23.19DQ on Cliff Hanger
39Christopher SchultzFAIL [0/11]0:29.65DQ on Cliff Hanger
Beale AFB
Top 3 Male
1Aaron JuddPASS [11/11]1:34.31100% Complete
2Michael JonesPASS [11/11]1:46.21100% Complete
3Korey ToddPASS [11/11]1:49.50100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Katie KlugFAIL [6/11]2:03.32DQ on Hanging Spheres
2Tiffany NelsonFAIL [3/11]0:59.10DQ on Battering Ram #2
3Sherry JacobsonFAIL [1/11]0:38.78DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Aaron JuddPASS [11/11]1:34.31100% Complete
2Michael JonesPASS [11/11]1:46.21100% Complete
3Korey ToddPASS [11/11]1:49.50100% Complete
4Derek McGeePASS [11/11]2:35.93100% Complete
5Dick AshleyPASS [10/11]2:40.49Strike on Hanging Cones
6Ryan TaylorPASS [10/11]1:41.73Strike on Battering Ram #2
7Bert TomasinoPASS [10/11]0:09.75Strike on Ring Toss
8Andyhoang VuFAIL [9/11]1:46.61DQ on Decline Devil Steps
9Ethan StallardFAIL [9/11]2:42.41DQ on Decline Devil Steps
10Max McdonaldFAIL [9/11]2:21.58DQ on Decline Devil Steps
11Jordan WallFAIL [8/11]2:44.60DQ on Incline Devil Steps
12Katie KlugFAIL [6/11]2:03.32DQ on Hanging Spheres
13Jonathan DavisFAIL [5/11]1:21.35DQ on Hanging Rings
14Quentin KernFAIL [5/11]1:56.17DQ on Hanging Rings
15Bryce BeccueFAIL [4/11]1:33.43DQ on Hanging Cones
16Joshua DriscollFAIL [4/11]1:11.51DQ on Hanging Cones
17Damon MartinFAIL [4/11]1:31.30DQ on Hanging Cones
18Jose VegaFAIL [4/11]1:49.35DQ on Hanging Cones
19Victor MendezFAIL [3/11]1:46.77DQ on Battering Ram #2
20Dustin WarnerFAIL [3/11]0:43.69DQ on Battering Ram #2
21Dan HenryFAIL [3/11]0:58.30DQ on Battering Ram #2
22Tiffany NelsonFAIL [3/11]0:59.10DQ on Battering Ram #2
23Bradley PriceFAIL [3/11]0:53.18DQ on Battering Ram #2
24Alex DunnFAIL [2/11]0:46.52DQ on Transition Rings
25Joshua WaltersFAIL [2/11]1:10.89DQ on Transition Rings
26Juan Pena rodriguezFAIL [2/11]1:13.56DQ on Transition Rings
27Aaron TrujilloFAIL [2/11]1:15.76DQ on Transition Rings
28Alex Stefan cherryFAIL [2/11]1:17.16DQ on Transition Rings
29Leo RoweFAIL [2/11]1:26.32DQ on Transition Rings
30Eric CorterFAIL [2/11]1:30.80DQ on Transition Rings
31Patrick WalfallFAIL [2/11]1:41.35DQ on Transition Rings
32Larry MaysFAIL [2/11]1:49.20DQ on Transition Rings
33Jesus TorresFAIL [2/11]0:29.30DQ on Transition Rings
34Eddy BecerraFAIL [2/11]1:03.29DQ on Transition Rings
35Alexander HauckesFAIL [1/11]0:22.43DQ on Battering Ram #1
36Corey GarrisonFAIL [1/11]0:37.54DQ on Battering Ram #1
37Sherry JacobsonFAIL [1/11]0:38.78DQ on Battering Ram #1
38David KirklandFAIL [1/11]0:45.79DQ on Battering Ram #1
39Kendra KirklandFAIL [1/11]0:46.95DQ on Battering Ram #1
40John WelchFAIL [1/11]0:51.13DQ on Battering Ram #1
41Jorge RomeroFAIL [1/11]1:13.14DQ on Battering Ram #1
42Morgan LeeFAIL [0/11]0:33.36DQ on Cliff Hanger
Travis AFB
Top 3 Male
1Robbie JimenezPASS [11/11]1:15.12100% Complete
2Benjamin AlcantaraPASS [11/11]1:34.20100% Complete
3Alex JessopPASS [11/11]1:36.11100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Katie KlugFAIL [3/11]1:23.44DQ on Battering Ram #2
2Deanna BeatyFAIL [2/11]2:22.74DQ on Transition Rings
3Shelby NicholsFAIL [1/11]0:37.89DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Robbie JimenezPASS [11/11]1:15.12100% Complete
2Benjamin AlcantaraPASS [11/11]1:34.20100% Complete
3Alex JessopPASS [11/11]1:36.11100% Complete
4Jacob RowePASS [11/11]3:00.81100% Complete
5Andrew VeerathanongdechPASS [10/11]2:09.31Strike on Incline Devil Steps
6Matthew StillmanPASS [10/11]2:11.22Strike on Incline Devil Steps
7Brandon KlugPASS [10/11]2:32.43Strike on Incline Devil Steps
8James AndrewsPASS [10/11]2:08.13Strike on Hanging Spheres
9Sahin ArslanPASS [10/11]4:17.19Strike on Hanging Spheres
10Alexander Del CurtoPASS [10/11]1:27.77Strike on Battering Ram #1
11Alex MenzeFAIL [8/11]3:04.71DQ on Incline Devil Steps
12Codi GuidryFAIL [8/11]2:11.13DQ on Incline Devil Steps
13Ryan BerryFAIL [6/11]2:18.78DQ on Hanging Spheres
14Brandon CraverFAIL [4/11]1:57.88DQ on Hanging Cones
15Ted HarrisFAIL [4/11]3:23.17DQ on Hanging Cones
16Christofer GalbadoresFAIL [3/11]1:25.87DQ on Battering Ram #2
17Khafiz GondryFAIL [3/11]1:51.87DQ on Battering Ram #2
18Katie KlugFAIL [3/11]1:23.44DQ on Battering Ram #2
19Sergio CoronaFAIL [2/11]1:23.47DQ on Transition Rings
20Deanna BeatyFAIL [2/11]2:22.74DQ on Transition Rings
21Zuri Masters ThomasFAIL [2/11]0:47.42DQ on Transition Rings
22Andrew AntonettiFAIL [2/11]1:19.00DQ on Transition Rings
23Darius BoccaccioFAIL [2/11]1:28.38DQ on Transition Rings
24Xavier EdwardsFAIL [2/11]1:33.52DQ on Transition Rings
25Peter AmaroFAIL [2/11]1:49.88DQ on Transition Rings
26Exavior HuntFAIL [2/11]0:33.44DQ on Transition Rings
27Dana BrownFAIL [1/11]0:26.61DQ on Battering Ram #1
28Shelby NicholsFAIL [1/11]0:37.89DQ on Battering Ram #1
29Misty PerryFAIL [1/11]0:40.51DQ on Battering Ram #1
30Alex NewellFAIL [1/11]0:45.86DQ on Battering Ram #1
31Yasmin GalbadoresFAIL [1/11]2:19.31DQ on Battering Ram #1
32Joshua KaemmerFAIL [1/11]0:30.15DQ on Battering Ram #1
33Jeremiah HodgeFAIL [0/11]0:12.18DQ on Cliff Hanger
34Michelle KuzenkOFAIL [0/11]0:27.80DQ on Cliff Hanger
35Christian ConradFAIL [0/11]0:40.88DQ on Cliff Hanger
Vandenberg AFB
Top 3 Male
1Gimbals MoonierPASS [11/11]0:53.10100% Complete
2Liam ClancyPASS [11/11]0:58.10100% Complete
3Xavier JonesPASS [11/11]0:58.58100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Kalani LivotiFAIL [2/11]1:31.66DQ on Transition Rings
2Gina FenstererFAIL [1/11]0:42.76DQ on Battering Ram #1
3Aracelly ChampionFAIL [1/11]1:03.95DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Gimbals MoonierPASS [11/11]0:53.10100% Complete
2Liam ClancyPASS [11/11]0:58.10100% Complete
3Xavier JonesPASS [11/11]0:58.58100% Complete
4Ryan SampsonPASS [11/11]1:32.91100% Complete
5David LivotiPASS [11/11]1:41.39100% Complete
6Patrick RichardPASS [10/11]3:01.52Strike on Incline Devil Steps
7Jared HedgesPASS [10/11]2:28.89Strike on Transition Rings
8Nicholas RizzoFAIL [9/11]2:36.44DQ on Decline Devil Steps
9Aldo LauridoFAIL [8/11]3:18.50DQ on Incline Devil Steps
10Brandon DavisFAIL [4/11]1:07.92DQ on Hanging Cones
11Ross LoweryFAIL [3/11]0:42.17DQ on Battering Ram #2
12Quinton LopezFAIL [3/11]0:46.56DQ on Battering Ram #2
13Mike MorganFAIL [2/11]1:29.30DQ on Transition Rings
14Kalani LivotiFAIL [2/11]1:31.66DQ on Transition Rings
15Ryan HussungFAIL [2/11]0:51.60DQ on Transition Rings
16Gina FenstererFAIL [1/11]0:42.76DQ on Battering Ram #1
17Alex BoalFAIL [1/11]0:43.75DQ on Battering Ram #1
18Michael HunsbergerFAIL [1/11]0:46.45DQ on Battering Ram #1
19Manoj WilliamsFAIL [1/11]0:50.50DQ on Battering Ram #1
20Aracelly ChampionFAIL [1/11]1:03.95DQ on Battering Ram #1
21Shelby SmithFAIL [1/11]1:10.26DQ on Battering Ram #1
22Patrick MaloneyFAIL [1/11]0:27.15DQ on Battering Ram #1
23Hunter DandridgeFAIL [1/11]1:09.44DQ on Battering Ram #1
24Amber JohnsonFAIL [0/11]0:11.41DQ on Cliff Hanger
25Michael TomoiagaFAIL [0/11]0:14.19DQ on Cliff Hanger
26Ed AlmanzaFAIL [0/11]0:40.79DQ on Cliff Hanger
RAF Mildenhall
Top 3 Male
1Daniel RosaPASS [11/11]1:15.41100% Complete
2James LoubeauPASS [11/11]2:08.90100% Complete
3Chad RobertsPASS [10/11]3:27.75Strike on Incline Devil Steps
Top 3 Female
1Stephanie WilliamsPASS [11/11]2:21.78100% Complete
2Jennifer PaxtonFAIL [4/11]2:21.19DQ on Hanging Cones
3Grayson FavataFAIL [1/11]1:09.33DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Daniel RosaPASS [11/11]1:15.41100% Complete
2James LoubeauPASS [11/11]2:08.90100% Complete
3Stephanie WilliamsPASS [11/11]2:21.78100% Complete
4Chad RobertsPASS [10/11]3:27.75Strike on Incline Devil Steps
5Daniel InglisFAIL [8/11]3:15.92DQ on Incline Devil Steps
6Cody CummingFAIL [6/11]2:10.81DQ on Hanging Spheres
7Slayde WilliamsFAIL [6/11]1:36.77DQ on Hanging Spheres
8Kevin FaillaFAIL [5/11]2:00.63DQ on Hanging Rings
9Brandon CummingsFAIL [5/11]2:08.21DQ on Hanging Rings
10Samuel BrowneFAIL [5/11]2:18.82DQ on Hanging Rings
11James UsseryFAIL [5/11]3:24.48DQ on Hanging Rings
12Eddie LeasFAIL [4/11]1:38.65DQ on Hanging Cones
13Jennifer PaxtonFAIL [4/11]2:21.19DQ on Hanging Cones
14Jarrett LeeFAIL [3/11]2:03.72DQ on Battering Ram #2
15Damiel PattersonFAIL [3/11]2:11.84DQ on Battering Ram #2
16Y - Isaac HaffnerFAIL [3/11]0:40.91DQ on Battering Ram #2
17Y - Chris HaydenFAIL [2/11]0:56.51DQ on Transition Rings
18James DouthitFAIL [2/11]1:15.86DQ on Transition Rings
19Anthony LaMangnaFAIL [2/11]1:37.99DQ on Transition Rings
20Robert WidemanFAIL [2/11]2:08.92DQ on Transition Rings
21Josh MartinFAIL [2/11]0:38.62DQ on Transition Rings
22Julio SantiagoFAIL [2/11]1:03.20DQ on Transition Rings
23Jashawn SherrillFAIL [2/11]1:36.30DQ on Transition Rings
24Tyler LambertFAIL [1/11]0:26.00DQ on Battering Ram #1
25Brandon RichardsonFAIL [1/11]0:48.30DQ on Battering Ram #1
26Grayson FavataFAIL [1/11]1:09.33DQ on Battering Ram #1
27Amy WebbFAIL [0/11]0:17.55DQ on Cliff Hanger
28Stephen De KockFAIL [0/11]0:18.24DQ on Cliff Hanger
29Nora RobertsFAIL [0/11]0:22.16DQ on Cliff Hanger
30Yahira VelascoFAIL [0/11]0:23.67DQ on Cliff Hanger
31Carlos MayaFAIL [0/11]0:26.28DQ on Cliff Hanger
RAF Alconbury
Top 3 Male
1Andrew BlanchardPASS [10/11]1:59.99Strike on Battering Ram #2
2Davon RollinsFAIL [8/11]4:54.10DQ on Incline Devil Steps
3David StatesFAIL [6/11]2:46.63DQ on Hanging Spheres
Top 3 Female
1Melia BaxterFAIL [5/11]2:34.23DQ on Hanging Rings
2Bria RogersFAIL [2/11]1:16.56DQ on Transition Rings
3Tiffany HallFAIL [0/11]0:32.49DQ on Cliff Hanger
Overall Results
1Andrew BlanchardPASS [10/11]1:59.99Strike on Battering Ram #2
2Davon RollinsFAIL [8/11]4:54.10DQ on Incline Devil Steps
3David StatesFAIL [6/11]2:46.63DQ on Hanging Spheres
4Melia BaxterFAIL [5/11]2:34.23DQ on Hanging Rings
5Jacob FordhamFAIL [4/11]1:52.89DQ on Hanging Cones
6John HoffeckerFAIL [4/11]3:39.30DQ on Hanging Cones
7Michael McQueenFAIL [3/11]1:04.94DQ on Battering Ram #2
8Austin StoekeFAIL [3/11]1:13.65DQ on Battering Ram #2
9Dom LockleyFAIL [3/11]2:06.99DQ on Battering Ram #2
10Bria RogersFAIL [2/11]1:16.56DQ on Transition Rings
11Peter KangFAIL [2/11]1:52.55DQ on Transition Rings
12Eric MartelFAIL [2/11]0:45.43DQ on Transition Rings
13Christopher VuFAIL [2/11]1:07.30DQ on Transition Rings
14Daniel Doctor JrFAIL [1/11]1:02.71DQ on Battering Ram #1
15Garrick ColemanFAIL [1/11]1:13.27DQ on Battering Ram #1
16Tiffany HallFAIL [0/11]0:32.49DQ on Cliff Hanger
17Raven McCoyFAIL [0/11]0:36.65DQ on Cliff Hanger
Fairchild AFB
Top 3 Male
1Micah GabelPASS [11/11]1:20.36100% Complete
2Matheus WidholzerPASS [11/11]1:36.43100% Complete
3Nicholas MurrayPASS [11/11]1:37.45100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Sandy ZimmermanPASS [11/11]1:12.15100% Complete
2April RinkFAIL [3/11]1:43.41DQ on Battering Ram #2
3Alyssa ArmstrongFAIL [3/11]1:56.42DQ on Battering Ram #2
Overall Results
1Sandy ZimmermanPASS [11/11]1:12.15100% Complete
2Micah GabelPASS [11/11]1:20.36100% Complete
3Matheus WidholzerPASS [11/11]1:36.43100% Complete
4Nicholas MurrayPASS [11/11]1:37.45100% Complete
5Daniel AmezolaPASS [11/11]1:40.41100% Complete
6Brandon KnoxPASS [11/11]2:00.45100% Complete
7Ahron RasabiPASS [11/11]2:03.30100% Complete
8Benjamin MiranPASS [11/11]2:14.66100% Complete
9William HolmquistPASS [11/11]2:22.20100% Complete
10David KovalchukPASS [11/11]2:41.63100% Complete
11Dawson NetheryPASS [11/11]3:42.23100% Complete
12Peter RyanPASS [10/11]2:06.70Strike on Decline Devil Steps
13Matt MontourPASS [10/11]2:10.62Strike on Hanging Spheres
14Jacob YatesPASS [10/11]1:57.81Strike on Battering Ram #2
15Charlie ZimmermanPASS [10/11]1:48.21Strike on Transition Rings
16Joe HalloranPASS [10/11]2:02.24Strike on Transition Rings
17Brian SuminskiPASS [10/11]2:03.43Strike on Transition Rings
18Jacob PowellFAIL [9/11]2:02.29DQ on Decline Devil Steps
19Lance HaszFAIL [9/11]2:37.99DQ on Decline Devil Steps
20Logan CurtisFAIL [9/11]2:16.57DQ on Decline Devil Steps
21Michael BrittanFAIL [8/11]2:23.94DQ on Incline Devil Steps
22Charlton CoatsFAIL [6/11]2:41.76DQ on Hanging Spheres
23Christian BeserraFAIL [6/11]1:40.49DQ on Hanging Spheres
24Jeremy BuyerFAIL [6/11]2:12.40DQ on Hanging Spheres
25Micheal FlugelFAIL [6/11]1:23.93DQ on Hanging Spheres
26Derek EllisFAIL [6/11]1:59.21DQ on Hanging Spheres
27Donald SchulzFAIL [5/11]1:45.38DQ on Hanging Rings
28Lukasz KrawczykFAIL [5/11]1:57.94DQ on Hanging Rings
29Cole DurandFAIL [5/11]2:25.64DQ on Hanging Rings
30Marcus MaldonadoFAIL [5/11]1:56.66DQ on Hanging Rings
31Anthony HooperFAIL [5/11]2:29.29DQ on Hanging Rings
32Scott YoungFAIL [4/11]1:38.57DQ on Hanging Cones
33Kofi DouhadjiFAIL [4/11]1:03.72DQ on Hanging Cones
34Montahna rienerFAIL [4/11]1:57.73DQ on Hanging Cones
35Michael PoleFAIL [4/11]1:27.10DQ on Hanging Cones
36Tristan DaprozaFAIL [4/11]1:39.50DQ on Hanging Cones
37Chris WongFAIL [3/11]1:36.32DQ on Battering Ram #2
38April RinkFAIL [3/11]1:43.41DQ on Battering Ram #2
39Alyssa ArmstrongFAIL [3/11]1:56.42DQ on Battering Ram #2
40Lee MillsFAIL [3/11]1:44.89DQ on Battering Ram #2
41Brandon WickmanFAIL [3/11]0:48.23DQ on Battering Ram #2
42Sean MorrisonFAIL [2/11]1:32.49DQ on Transition Rings
43Gabe GuerreroFAIL [2/11]1:32.59DQ on Transition Rings
44Brooke MccroskeyFAIL [2/11]1:39.78DQ on Transition Rings
45Daniel GardnerFAIL [2/11]1:40.47DQ on Transition Rings
46Andrew MartinFAIL [2/11]1:14.56DQ on Transition Rings
47CRISTINA BEHRENSFAIL [2/11]1:14.64DQ on Transition Rings
48Jamin NewsoneFAIL [2/11]1:18.71DQ on Transition Rings
49Jesse CutrightFAIL [2/11]0:42.69DQ on Transition Rings
50Robin CoaleFAIL [1/11]0:37.82DQ on Battering Ram #1
51Stephenie LutherFAIL [1/11]0:38.90DQ on Battering Ram #1
52Stanley NwokeFAIL [1/11]1:18.69DQ on Battering Ram #1
53Philip VanderWerfFAIL [1/11]0:59.58DQ on Battering Ram #1
54Tim CarlsonFAIL [1/11]1:11.37DQ on Battering Ram #1
55Ivan LangstonFAIL [0/11]0:18.58DQ on Cliff Hanger
56Mario Cano JrFAIL [0/11]0:19.35DQ on Cliff Hanger
57Kendra FullerFAIL [0/11]0:20.90DQ on Cliff Hanger
58Myles BallFAIL [0/11]0:21.51DQ on Cliff Hanger
59Cassy WickerFAIL [0/11]0:31.41DQ on Cliff Hanger
60Chelsey AguilarFAIL [0/11]0:33.77DQ on Cliff Hanger
JB Elmendorf-Richardson
Top 3 Male
1John LimonPASS [11/11]0:57.26100% Complete
2Floston ArthuPASS [11/11]1:09.56100% Complete
3Roland BodenheimPASS [11/11]1:59.88100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Hailey StarkFAIL [3/11]2:31.23DQ on Battering Ram #2
2Laurel FosterFAIL [2/11]1:06.41DQ on Transition Rings
3Amber FoxFAIL [2/11]1:09.78DQ on Transition Rings
Overall Results
1John LimonPASS [11/11]0:57.26100% Complete
2Floston ArthuPASS [11/11]1:09.56100% Complete
3Roland BodenheimPASS [11/11]1:59.88100% Complete
4Isiah WilliamsPASS [10/11]1:46.88Strike on Hanging Cones
5Alexander FloresPASS [10/11]2:08.91Strike on Hanging Cones
6Luis AgudeloPASS [10/11]3:09.80Strike on Transition Rings
7Adaggieux SpannFAIL [6/11]1:01.60DQ on Hanging Spheres
8Robert HigginsFAIL [4/11]1:10.53DQ on Hanging Cones
9Nicholas HamesFAIL [4/11]1:27.64DQ on Hanging Cones
10Robert MarquezFAIL [3/11]1:03.25DQ on Battering Ram #2
11Mason BrottFAIL [3/11]1:08.35DQ on Battering Ram #2
12Kevin FastFAIL [3/11]1:20.93DQ on Battering Ram #2
13Hailey StarkFAIL [3/11]2:31.23DQ on Battering Ram #2
14Jonathon ShearerFAIL [3/11]0:50.19DQ on Battering Ram #2
15Laurel FosterFAIL [2/11]1:06.41DQ on Transition Rings
16Amber FoxFAIL [2/11]1:09.78DQ on Transition Rings
17Tyler KennedyFAIL [2/11]1:15.85DQ on Transition Rings
18Norbu TseringFAIL [2/11]1:20.25DQ on Transition Rings
19Seth DeamFAIL [2/11]1:24.73DQ on Transition Rings
20William DousharmFAIL [2/11]1:25.30DQ on Transition Rings
21Christopher MercerFAIL [2/11]1:36.96DQ on Transition Rings
22Erik UrrabazoFAIL [2/11]1:44.19DQ on Transition Rings
23Stephanie FryeFAIL [2/11]0:33.65DQ on Transition Rings
24Tyler DishmondFAIL [1/11]0:33.63DQ on Battering Ram #1
25Lance BrockFAIL [1/11]0:35.85DQ on Battering Ram #1
26Drake SpringstonFAIL [1/11]0:46.26DQ on Battering Ram #1
27Samir DembryFAIL [1/11]1:00.30DQ on Battering Ram #1
28Ryan MunaFAIL [1/11]0:50.70DQ on Battering Ram #1
29Charity FairchildFAIL [0/11]0:13.44DQ on Cliff Hanger
Norfolk Naval Station
Top 3 Male
1Josh HusbandPASS [11/11]2:08.55100% Complete
2Jacob AlexanderPASS [10/11]2:41.53Strike on Incline Devil Steps
3Aaron AverrePASS [10/11]1:47.57Strike on Hanging Cones
Top 3 Female
1Karla LoweryFAIL [1/11]2:05.11DQ on Battering Ram #1
2Tatiana DonndelingerFAIL [0/11]0:20.45DQ on Cliff Hanger
3Ashlee TynesFAIL [0/11]0:35.11DQ on Cliff Hanger
Overall Results
1Josh HusbandPASS [11/11]2:08.55100% Complete
2Jacob AlexanderPASS [10/11]2:41.53Strike on Incline Devil Steps
3Aaron AverrePASS [10/11]1:47.57Strike on Hanging Cones
4Tonee LearyFAIL [6/11]1:34.18DQ on Hanging Spheres
5Chris MeyerFAIL [5/11]1:21.49DQ on Hanging Rings
6Tunde RidleyFAIL [4/11]2:04.38DQ on Hanging Cones
7Richard TrejoFAIL [4/11]2:08.22DQ on Hanging Cones
8Jacob DiasFAIL [4/11]1:21.85DQ on Hanging Cones
9Kyle SablanFAIL [3/11]0:58.84DQ on Battering Ram #2
10Richard CastilloFAIL [3/11]0:59.18DQ on Battering Ram #2
11Tyler SmithFAIL [3/11]0:33.90DQ on Battering Ram #2
12Taylor MonroeFAIL [3/11]0:50.96DQ on Battering Ram #2
13Patrick CollierFAIL [2/11]1:14.49DQ on Transition Rings
14Nichalas SchroerFAIL [2/11]0:41.51DQ on Transition Rings
15Dexter FranklinFAIL [2/11]0:41.00DQ on Transition Rings
16Christian AmeliaFAIL [1/11]0:43.24DQ on Battering Ram #1
17Karla LoweryFAIL [1/11]2:05.11DQ on Battering Ram #1
18Tatiana DonndelingerFAIL [0/11]0:20.45DQ on Cliff Hanger
19Carlos GandullaFAIL [0/11]0:26.80DQ on Cliff Hanger
20Ashlee TynesFAIL [0/11]0:35.11DQ on Cliff Hanger
JB Andrews
Top 3 Male
1Michael StirewaltPASS [11/11]1:01.90100% Complete
2Lance BookerPASS [11/11]1:25.18100% Complete
3Mathews Cruz-CruzPASS [11/11]1:35.27100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Summer TeichertPASS [10/11]3:07.20Strike on Battering Ram #2
2Hannah BowermanFAIL [3/11]1:53.40DQ on Battering Ram #2
3Nicole RiveraFAIL [2/11]1:27.62DQ on Transition Rings
Overall Results
1Michael StirewaltPASS [11/11]1:01.90100% Complete
2Lance BookerPASS [11/11]1:25.18100% Complete
3Mathews Cruz-CruzPASS [11/11]1:35.27100% Complete
4Justin BarrettPASS [11/11]1:58.29100% Complete
5Brandon SchneiderPASS [11/11]2:43.93100% Complete
6Adam Gonzalez IIPASS [10/11]2:25.14Strike on Hanging Rings
7Summer TeichertPASS [10/11]3:07.20Strike on Battering Ram #2
8Michael MurphyPASS [10/11]1:11.86Strike on Transition Rings
9Ronald KnoxPASS [10/11]1:32.70Strike on Battering Ram #1
10Shakeem JohnsonFAIL [8/11]2:12.85DQ on Incline Devil Steps
11Stephan JenkinsFAIL [8/11]1:56.38DQ on Incline Devil Steps
12Steven BentomFAIL [5/11]0:47.63DQ on Hanging Rings
13Chris WhitenerFAIL [3/11]0:53.84DQ on Battering Ram #2
14Justin LoftinFAIL [3/11]1:05.17DQ on Battering Ram #2
15Hannah BowermanFAIL [3/11]1:53.40DQ on Battering Ram #2
16Peter McdonaldFAIL [2/11]1:08.92DQ on Transition Rings
17Nicole RiveraFAIL [2/11]1:27.62DQ on Transition Rings
18Javaughn BaltripFAIL [1/11]0:30.61DQ on Battering Ram #1
19Tyler LoesleinFAIL [1/11]0:38.30DQ on Battering Ram #1
20Jodi WhitenerFAIL [1/11]1:28.26DQ on Battering Ram #1
21Lisa MabbuttFAIL [1/11]3:11.50DQ on Battering Ram #1
22Caitlin MullinsFAIL [0/11]0:32.00DQ on Cliff Hanger
Grand Forks AFB
Top 3 Male
1Charles BuchananPASS [11/11]1:09.14100% Complete
2Brandon WardPASS [10/11]1:49.87Strike on Decline Devil Steps
3Dylan McCrackenPASS [10/11]1:51.59Strike on Decline Devil Steps
Top 3 Female
1Altara WarrenFAIL [3/11]2:10.85DQ on Battering Ram #2
2Gianna LeuppFAIL [1/11]0:37.85DQ on Battering Ram #1
3Staci DucusinFAIL [1/11]0:54.13DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Charles BuchananPASS [11/11]1:09.14100% Complete
2Brandon WardPASS [10/11]1:49.87Strike on Decline Devil Steps
3Dylan McCrackenPASS [10/11]1:51.59Strike on Decline Devil Steps
4Ben LocklerPASS [10/11]1:46.25Strike on Transition Rings
5Brandon DooleyPASS [10/11]2:39.70Strike on Transition Rings
6Anthony DelvecchioFAIL [6/11]1:44.75DQ on Hanging Spheres
7Jacari DavisFAIL [6/11]1:27.71DQ on Hanging Spheres
8Myron LamFAIL [6/11]1:46.20DQ on Hanging Spheres
9John SquireFAIL [6/11]1:20.78DQ on Hanging Spheres
10Danny ShieldsFAIL [4/11]2:39.31DQ on Hanging Cones
11Alex TysonFAIL [4/11]0:51.70DQ on Hanging Cones
12Nigel CottonFAIL [3/11]1:27.36DQ on Battering Ram #2
13Altara WarrenFAIL [3/11]2:10.85DQ on Battering Ram #2
14Jesse LancasterFAIL [3/11]1:05.29DQ on Battering Ram #2
15Carl ChandlerFAIL [3/11]1:25.44DQ on Battering Ram #2
16Seth OatridgeFAIL [2/11]0:52.32DQ on Transition Rings
17Keegan ZehrFAIL [2/11]0:58.83DQ on Transition Rings
18Jovan MilosevichFAIL [2/11]1:18.13DQ on Transition Rings
19Reggie MannFAIL [2/11]1:31.18DQ on Transition Rings
20AJ VillagranFAIL [2/11]0:39.22DQ on Transition Rings
21Alex LopezFAIL [2/11]0:42.53DQ on Transition Rings
22Daniel BascoFAIL [2/11]0:47.67DQ on Transition Rings
23Timothy BealFAIL [2/11]0:48.30DQ on Transition Rings
24Shemar RickettsFAIL [2/11]1:15.88DQ on Transition Rings
25Kristian Martinez-FelixFAIL [1/11]0:29.26DQ on Battering Ram #1
26Steven NelsonFAIL [1/11]0:32.15DQ on Battering Ram #1
27Gianna LeuppFAIL [1/11]0:37.85DQ on Battering Ram #1
28Don WilsonFAIL [1/11]0:38.10DQ on Battering Ram #1
29Timothy HigginsFAIL [1/11]0:40.21DQ on Battering Ram #1
30Staci DucusinFAIL [1/11]0:54.13DQ on Battering Ram #1
31Clayton EthridgeFAIL [1/11]0:54.54DQ on Battering Ram #1
32Thomas TroyerFAIL [1/11]0:55.16DQ on Battering Ram #1
33Danielle BrunFAIL [1/11]1:27.62DQ on Battering Ram #1
34Carl ZiemerFAIL [1/11]0:30.38DQ on Battering Ram #1
35Hoon HeoFAIL [0/11]0:14.28DQ on Cliff Hanger
36Nicque Robinson-Dela CruzFAIL [0/11]0:16.42DQ on Cliff Hanger
37Desiree StinsonFAIL [0/11]0:16.60DQ on Cliff Hanger
38James HessFAIL [0/11]0:19.38DQ on Cliff Hanger
39Stephanie DeAngeloFAIL [0/11]0:21.81DQ on Cliff Hanger
40Simone JohnsonFAIL [0/11]0:23.92DQ on Cliff Hanger
41Irinieta TabuyaqonaFAIL [0/11]0:26.50DQ on Cliff Hanger
42Raymond BookerFAIL [0/11]0:31.80DQ on Cliff Hanger
43Tyler RayFAIL [0/11]0:34.97DQ on Cliff Hanger
44Ginules XiongFAIL [0/11]0:48.27DQ on Cliff Hanger
Hanscom AFB
Top 3 Male
1Richard GrathenPASS [11/11]1:32.12100% Complete
2David CarrPASS [11/11]2:14.69100% Complete
3Jonathan BelvealPASS [10/11]2:23.51Strike on Transition Rings
Top 3 Female
1Jenny FinazzoFAIL [2/11]2:16.58DQ on Transition Rings
2Tori FullerFAIL [1/11]0:34.55DQ on Battering Ram #1
3Allison StewartFAIL [1/11]0:38.30DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Richard GrathenPASS [11/11]1:32.12100% Complete
2David CarrPASS [11/11]2:14.69100% Complete
3Jonathan BelvealPASS [10/11]2:23.51Strike on Transition Rings
4Micah WarrenFAIL [6/11]2:11.86DQ on Hanging Spheres
5Andrew WilsonFAIL [6/11]1:41.10DQ on Hanging Spheres
6Will JonesFAIL [6/11]1:15.37DQ on Hanging Spheres
7Jonathan TeixeiraFAIL [6/11]1:16.28DQ on Hanging Spheres
8Matthew MarquartFAIL [5/11]2:52.90DQ on Hanging Rings
9Matteo FinazzoFAIL [4/11]5:02.42DQ on Hanging Cones
10Tyler TurnerFAIL [4/11]1:33.80DQ on Hanging Cones
11Cameron RossFAIL [3/11]1:11.00DQ on Battering Ram #2
12Stephen HaynesFAIL [3/11]1:18.42DQ on Battering Ram #2
13Gary MakiFAIL [2/11]1:03.47DQ on Transition Rings
14Nick MungerFAIL [2/11]1:08.74DQ on Transition Rings
15Lewis SmithFAIL [2/11]1:42.52DQ on Transition Rings
16Sam BakerFAIL [2/11]1:50.23DQ on Transition Rings
17Chris LucasFAIL [2/11]2:05.99DQ on Transition Rings
18Jenny FinazzoFAIL [2/11]2:16.58DQ on Transition Rings
19Jesse JaramilloFAIL [2/11]2:36.76DQ on Transition Rings
20Caleb CejkaFAIL [2/11]1:28.50DQ on Transition Rings
21Jack DecourceyFAIL [1/11]0:28.87DQ on Battering Ram #1
22Tori FullerFAIL [1/11]0:34.55DQ on Battering Ram #1
23Michael KowalFAIL [1/11]0:38.30DQ on Battering Ram #1
24Allison StewartFAIL [1/11]0:38.30DQ on Battering Ram #1
25Joe GoreFAIL [1/11]0:45.60DQ on Battering Ram #1
26Alex HortonFAIL [1/11]0:46.47DQ on Battering Ram #1
27Cid NettoFAIL [1/11]0:46.56DQ on Battering Ram #1
28Monique SkatesFAIL [1/11]0:47.31DQ on Battering Ram #1
29Raul CottFAIL [1/11]0:49.64DQ on Battering Ram #1
30Gareth MayFAIL [1/11]0:54.95DQ on Battering Ram #1
31Jessica SheppardFAIL [1/11]1:05.67DQ on Battering Ram #1
32Becca MarrsFAIL [1/11]1:08.17DQ on Battering Ram #1
33Armando NunezFAIL [1/11]1:09.84DQ on Battering Ram #1
34Dominick HopsonFAIL [1/11]1:14.15DQ on Battering Ram #1
35Kinya WoodsFAIL [1/11]1:14.91DQ on Battering Ram #1
36Nick DeCaprioFAIL [1/11]0:41.30DQ on Battering Ram #1
37Jared MasonFAIL [1/11]0:41.10DQ on Battering Ram #1
38Shelby DeloshFAIL [0/11]0:11.00DQ on Cliff Hanger
39Connor PattersonFAIL [0/11]0:14.65DQ on Cliff Hanger
40Logan BrustFAIL [0/11]0:14.88DQ on Cliff Hanger
41Brett OberFAIL [0/11]0:15.94DQ on Cliff Hanger
42PJ TraubFAIL [0/11]0:17.69DQ on Cliff Hanger
43Jalan PedonesiFAIL [0/11]0:18.54DQ on Cliff Hanger
44Angela BankowskiFAIL [0/11]0:18.86DQ on Cliff Hanger
45Samuel AshtonFAIL [0/11]0:20.25DQ on Cliff Hanger
46Sarah ConstantinoFAIL [0/11]0:21.50DQ on Cliff Hanger
47Brianna CroteauFAIL [0/11]0:21.74DQ on Cliff Hanger
48Ben SanfordFAIL [0/11]0:22.76DQ on Cliff Hanger
49Michael BuckleyFAIL [0/11]0:24.54DQ on Cliff Hanger
50Greg FortiFAIL [0/11]0:26.16DQ on Cliff Hanger
51Kasey PotvinFAIL [0/11]0:27.98DQ on Cliff Hanger
52Marco Saint-LouisFAIL [0/11]0:29.50DQ on Cliff Hanger
53Jacob MyersFAIL [0/11]0:29.47DQ on Cliff Hanger
54Mak MarrsFAIL [0/11]0:32.50DQ on Cliff Hanger
55Sherita BakerFAIL [0/11]0:34.90DQ on Cliff Hanger
56Catherine McKennaFAIL [0/11]0:34.60DQ on Cliff Hanger
57Bri PereiraFAIL [0/11]0:38.97DQ on Cliff Hanger
Niagara Falls AFB
Top 3 Male
1Akil TubbsPASS [11/11]1:12.61100% Complete
2Nicholas ClausePASS [11/11]1:17.56100% Complete
3Joshua KarnPASS [10/11]2:48.13Strike on Decline Devil Steps
Top 3 Female
1Jaime OBrienFAIL [2/11]1:21.48DQ on Transition Rings
2Erica BobbittFAIL [2/11]1:33.25DQ on Transition Rings
3Samantha LouqueFAIL [1/11]0:46.32DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Akil TubbsPASS [11/11]1:12.61100% Complete
2Nicholas ClausePASS [11/11]1:17.56100% Complete
3Joshua KarnPASS [10/11]2:48.13Strike on Decline Devil Steps
4Jeremy GuarinoPASS [10/11]1:07.80Strike on Hanging Spheres
5Jeremiah HackettFAIL [9/11]3:04.57DQ on Decline Devil Steps
6Scott NittoloFAIL [8/11]2:40.34DQ on Incline Devil Steps
7Aaron LauferFAIL [6/11]1:48.50DQ on Hanging Spheres
8Neil RhinevaultFAIL [6/11]2:04.22DQ on Hanging Spheres
9Colton ThomasFAIL [6/11]2:17.47DQ on Hanging Spheres
10Michaek ShulFAIL [5/11]2:04.54DQ on Hanging Rings
11Kyle LorenzFAIL [5/11]1:24.71DQ on Hanging Rings
12Christian WesolowskiFAIL [5/11]1:41.25DQ on Hanging Rings
13Michael MooreFAIL [4/11]1:10.95DQ on Hanging Cones
14Ryan HortonFAIL [4/11]1:37.10DQ on Hanging Cones
15Daquan WalkerFAIL [4/11]1:39.42DQ on Hanging Cones
16Ebenezer AduFAIL [4/11]1:44.45DQ on Hanging Cones
17Tim GrossFAIL [4/11]1:44.55DQ on Hanging Cones
18Matt KeelerFAIL [4/11]1:27.59DQ on Hanging Cones
19John LanphearFAIL [3/11]1:14.45DQ on Battering Ram #2
20Kyle MetzFAIL [3/11]1:29.72DQ on Battering Ram #2
21Andrew KrauseFAIL [3/11]1:30.41DQ on Battering Ram #2
22Russell OldsFAIL [2/11]1:03.32DQ on Transition Rings
23Bill BerlinFAIL [2/11]1:07.71DQ on Transition Rings
24Mitchell AndersonFAIL [2/11]1:08.60DQ on Transition Rings
25Donovan JohnsonFAIL [2/11]1:13.50DQ on Transition Rings
26Jaime OBrienFAIL [2/11]1:21.48DQ on Transition Rings
27David BuellFAIL [2/11]1:27.18DQ on Transition Rings
28Christopher GrazianoFAIL [2/11]1:29.98DQ on Transition Rings
29Erica BobbittFAIL [2/11]1:33.25DQ on Transition Rings
30Chase JonesFAIL [2/11]1:47.83DQ on Transition Rings
31Michael ShanleyFAIL [2/11]1:48.56DQ on Transition Rings
32James CookeFAIL [2/11]1:58.39DQ on Transition Rings
33Markos DrossosFAIL [2/11]0:39.70DQ on Transition Rings
34Jon DoeFAIL [2/11]0:10.39DQ on Transition Rings
35Jeff KasperekFAIL [1/11]0:36.99DQ on Battering Ram #1
36Joshua SauerFAIL [1/11]0:40.40DQ on Battering Ram #1
37Nick LauferFAIL [1/11]0:42.14DQ on Battering Ram #1
38Ray JohnsonFAIL [1/11]0:43.47DQ on Battering Ram #1
39Samantha LouqueFAIL [1/11]0:46.32DQ on Battering Ram #1
40Philippe BenhamouFAIL [1/11]0:46.80DQ on Battering Ram #1
41Erik AufderheideFAIL [1/11]0:48.40DQ on Battering Ram #1
42Pete "Father of 4 Ninja" SpringirthFAIL [1/11]1:01.16DQ on Battering Ram #1
43Cayla OBrienFAIL [1/11]1:17.97DQ on Battering Ram #1
44Dillon PinkhamFAIL [1/11]0:39.15DQ on Battering Ram #1
45Andrew AbramowitzFAIL [1/11]1:11.26DQ on Battering Ram #1
46Joycelynn MayoFAIL [0/11]0:09.48DQ on Cliff Hanger
47Linda HeizykFAIL [0/11]0:15.82DQ on Cliff Hanger
48Julia CareyFAIL [0/11]0:16.45DQ on Cliff Hanger
Robins AFB
Top 3 Male
1Ronaldjames HillPASS [11/11]2:40.00100% Complete
2Trevor GreenhawPASS [11/11]2:50.13100% Complete
3Tre SmithPASS [10/11]3:15.43Strike on Hanging Cones
Top 3 Female
1Jill EtheridgeFAIL [3/11]1:21.43DQ on Battering Ram #2
2Madison LavergneFAIL [2/11]1:48.29DQ on Transition Rings
3Lissette NelsonFAIL [1/11]0:32.70DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Ronaldjames HillPASS [11/11]2:40.00100% Complete
2Trevor GreenhawPASS [11/11]2:50.13100% Complete
3Tre SmithPASS [10/11]3:15.43Strike on Hanging Cones
4Joshua CoulombePASS [10/11]1:27.40Strike on Battering Ram #1
5Nicolas RamirezPASS [10/11]2:28.43Strike on Battering Ram #1
6Dominic MooreFAIL [9/11]2:46.60DQ on Decline Devil Steps
7Thomas KorchmanFAIL [8/11]2:20.20DQ on Incline Devil Steps
8Ryan FreemanFAIL [8/11]2:56.24DQ on Incline Devil Steps
9Andrew KearlFAIL [6/11]1:59.34DQ on Hanging Spheres
10Adam SerydynskiFAIL [6/11]2:03.30DQ on Hanging Spheres
11Calvin WilsonFAIL [6/11]1:18.72DQ on Hanging Spheres
12Joshua AhmedFAIL [5/11]2:34.36DQ on Hanging Rings
13Dave PrivettFAIL [5/11]1:41.58DQ on Hanging Rings
14Demica McintoshFAIL [5/11]2:24.91DQ on Hanging Rings
15Kaleb MeddersFAIL [4/11]1:21.36DQ on Hanging Cones
16Andy DuckworthFAIL [4/11]1:49.45DQ on Hanging Cones
17Travis NelsonFAIL [3/11]1:49.16DQ on Battering Ram #2
18Alonzo RojasFAIL [3/11]2:02.66DQ on Battering Ram #2
19Cody ButlerFAIL [3/11]0:47.14DQ on Battering Ram #2
20Jill EtheridgeFAIL [3/11]1:21.43DQ on Battering Ram #2
21David PeoplesFAIL [3/11]1:38.19DQ on Battering Ram #2
22Austin QuinnFAIL [2/11]1:04.80DQ on Transition Rings
23Will BrooksFAIL [2/11]1:08.86DQ on Transition Rings
24Dying NguyenFAIL [2/11]1:30.35DQ on Transition Rings
25Jimmy JohnsonFAIL [2/11]1:30.37DQ on Transition Rings
26Logan BuchananFAIL [2/11]0:49.32DQ on Transition Rings
27Raymond BennettFAIL [2/11]0:51.79DQ on Transition Rings
28Mark GibsonFAIL [2/11]0:59.67DQ on Transition Rings
29Madison LavergneFAIL [2/11]1:48.29DQ on Transition Rings
30Anthony DawsonFAIL [2/11]0:43.42DQ on Transition Rings
31Treyver FergusonFAIL [2/11]1:44.26DQ on Transition Rings
32Richard PipeFAIL [1/11]0:29.63DQ on Battering Ram #1
33Lissette NelsonFAIL [1/11]0:32.70DQ on Battering Ram #1
34Brian WorshamFAIL [1/11]0:44.12DQ on Battering Ram #1
35Steve EgliFAIL [1/11]0:44.91DQ on Battering Ram #1
36Tracey SappFAIL [1/11]0:46.56DQ on Battering Ram #1
37Derek Master manFAIL [1/11]0:46.64DQ on Battering Ram #1
38Jon SteinmetzFAIL [1/11]0:47.80DQ on Battering Ram #1
39Matthew CoxFAIL [1/11]0:47.37DQ on Battering Ram #1
40Brian CullenFAIL [1/11]0:54.58DQ on Battering Ram #1
41Mandy HazeltonFAIL [1/11]1:06.98DQ on Battering Ram #1
42Matthew BottorffFAIL [0/11]0:09.19DQ on Cliff Hanger
43Alexus DurhamFAIL [0/11]0:10.62DQ on Cliff Hanger
44Joshua CragerFAIL [0/11]0:17.66DQ on Cliff Hanger
45Samantha MoralesFAIL [0/11]0:19.41DQ on Cliff Hanger
46Megan KaneFAIL [0/11]0:20.27DQ on Cliff Hanger
47Jessia MoeFAIL [0/11]0:20.81DQ on Cliff Hanger
48Nicholas HarrisFAIL [0/11]0:26.27DQ on Cliff Hanger
49Shawn McClendonFAIL [0/11]0:26.74DQ on Cliff Hanger
50Dominique SmithFAIL [0/11]0:27.66DQ on Cliff Hanger
51Andrea BondFAIL [0/11]0:33.62DQ on Cliff Hanger
52Megan CuffmanFAIL [0/11]0:36.92DQ on Cliff Hanger
53Janiece AcevedoFAIL [0/11]0:38.71DQ on Cliff Hanger
54Joe BaileyFAIL [0/11]0:38.96DQ on Cliff Hanger
55Jesse BakerFAIL [0/11]0:40.27DQ on Cliff Hanger
Maxwell AFB
Top 3 Male
1Tristin StiltnerPASS [11/11]2:02.47100% Complete
2Michael ChaffinPASS [10/11]3:03.52Strike on Decline Devil Steps
3Joseph BrandtPASS [10/11]2:11.10Strike on Transition Rings
Top 3 Female
1Brianna MeekFAIL [2/11]0:50.92DQ on Transition Rings
2Amber HoytFAIL [2/11]1:24.47DQ on Transition Rings
3Erin O’ConnorFAIL [2/11]1:40.52DQ on Transition Rings
Overall Results
1Tristin StiltnerPASS [11/11]2:02.47100% Complete
2Michael ChaffinPASS [10/11]3:03.52Strike on Decline Devil Steps
3Joseph BrandtPASS [10/11]2:11.10Strike on Transition Rings
4Fitzgerald PhillipPASS [10/11]0:43.70Strike on Cliff Hanger
5Joe WatsonFAIL [9/11]2:47.91DQ on Decline Devil Steps
6Eric PhillipsFAIL [6/11]1:46.75DQ on Hanging Spheres
7Anfernee BrownFAIL [6/11]1:54.73DQ on Hanging Spheres
8Nephi NielsenFAIL [5/11]1:52.83DQ on Hanging Rings
9Christian ToledoFAIL [5/11]2:12.55DQ on Hanging Rings
10Jose MedelFAIL [4/11]1:19.00DQ on Hanging Cones
11Dennis HarrisFAIL [4/11]2:47.65DQ on Hanging Cones
12Jason DemossFAIL [3/11]1:19.29DQ on Battering Ram #2
13Isaac MinorFAIL [3/11]1:34.42DQ on Battering Ram #2
14Brianna MeekFAIL [2/11]0:50.92DQ on Transition Rings
15Chad MinorFAIL [2/11]1:06.83DQ on Transition Rings
16Amber HoytFAIL [2/11]1:24.47DQ on Transition Rings
17Erin O’ConnorFAIL [2/11]1:40.52DQ on Transition Rings
18Nicholas MackFAIL [2/11]1:45.89DQ on Transition Rings
19Nick McwilliamsFAIL [2/11]0:45.73DQ on Transition Rings
20Tyler LewisFAIL [2/11]2:18.14DQ on Transition Rings
21Seth BullardFAIL [1/11]0:31.22DQ on Battering Ram #1
22Natika AdamsFAIL [1/11]0:31.56DQ on Battering Ram #1
23Josh BlankenshipFAIL [1/11]0:32.24DQ on Battering Ram #1
24Brett KuhrtFAIL [1/11]0:35.34DQ on Battering Ram #1
25Dan PittsFAIL [1/11]0:37.80DQ on Battering Ram #1
26Josh HaLeFAIL [1/11]0:42.53DQ on Battering Ram #1
27Dylan TyynismaaFAIL [1/11]0:47.22DQ on Battering Ram #1
28Amber BullardFAIL [1/11]0:52.80DQ on Battering Ram #1
29Emil EugenioFAIL [1/11]0:54.63DQ on Battering Ram #1
30John GossFAIL [1/11]0:56.20DQ on Battering Ram #1
31Jami PickrellFAIL [1/11]0:57.62DQ on Battering Ram #1
32Marco CastanedaFAIL [1/11]1:02.84DQ on Battering Ram #1
33Briana NelsonFAIL [1/11]1:07.20DQ on Battering Ram #1
34Eric ShermanFAIL [0/11]0:20.94DQ on Cliff Hanger
35Sean MedlinFAIL [0/11]0:32.57DQ on Cliff Hanger
Dyess AFB
Top 3 Male
1Matthew ReyesPASS [11/11]1:33.86100% Complete
2Brent WhitePASS [11/11]1:50.63100% Complete
3Karl MoorePASS [11/11]2:20.20100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Gabby BakerFAIL [1/11]0:39.81DQ on Battering Ram #1
2Joanna PeacockFAIL [1/11]0:41.74DQ on Battering Ram #1
3Tanya SifordFAIL [1/11]1:07.98DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Matthew ReyesPASS [11/11]1:33.86100% Complete
2Brent WhitePASS [11/11]1:50.63100% Complete
3Karl MoorePASS [11/11]2:20.20100% Complete
4Kevin McGlonePASS [10/11]2:54.72Strike on Incline Devil Steps
5Russell RuggPASS [10/11]3:09.90Strike on Battering Ram #2
6Julius OrtegaFAIL [8/11]1:59.50DQ on Incline Devil Steps
7Alonza LouryFAIL [6/11]0:59.92DQ on Hanging Spheres
8Thomas PlevinFAIL [3/11]1:19.40DQ on Battering Ram #2
9Alex WestberryFAIL [3/11]1:32.24DQ on Battering Ram #2
10Matthew LaraFAIL [2/11]1:21.58DQ on Transition Rings
11Thomas BlountFAIL [2/11]1:27.41DQ on Transition Rings
12Gabby BakerFAIL [1/11]0:39.81DQ on Battering Ram #1
13Anthony TolliverFAIL [1/11]0:40.25DQ on Battering Ram #1
14Darryl DewFAIL [1/11]0:44.81DQ on Battering Ram #1
15Joanna PeacockFAIL [1/11]0:41.74DQ on Battering Ram #1
16Malcolm SkinnerFAIL [1/11]0:46.72DQ on Battering Ram #1
17Tanya SifordFAIL [1/11]1:07.98DQ on Battering Ram #1
18Nicholas MettlerFAIL [0/11]0:15.56DQ on Cliff Hanger
19Briana BurksFAIL [0/11]0:18.33DQ on Cliff Hanger
20Anika PavlichFAIL [0/11]0:18.59DQ on Cliff Hanger
21Alexander RamirezFAIL [0/11]0:18.69DQ on Cliff Hanger
22Jared LeslieFAIL [0/11]0:18.90DQ on Cliff Hanger
23Cale PritchardFAIL [0/11]0:20.99DQ on Cliff Hanger
24Terry RobersonFAIL [0/11]0:21.99DQ on Cliff Hanger
25Antonio GutierrezFAIL [0/11]0:25.25DQ on Cliff Hanger
26Hugh WaltersFAIL [0/11]0:25.80DQ on Cliff Hanger
27Brooke MartinezFAIL [0/11]0:26.36DQ on Cliff Hanger
28Adel TelabFAIL [0/11]0:27.49DQ on Cliff Hanger
29Colton James-WellsFAIL [0/11]0:27.81DQ on Cliff Hanger
30William GlaserFAIL [0/11]0:27.89DQ on Cliff Hanger
31Trista BrockFAIL [0/11]0:32.15DQ on Cliff Hanger
Goodfellow AFB
Top 3 Male
1Jamaal ChesneyPASS [11/11]2:21.85100% Complete
2Jonah ChosePASS [10/11]2:18.69Strike on Hanging Spheres
3Devontee LawsonPASS [10/11]3:23.78Strike on Hanging Spheres
Top 3 Female
1Christiana BardsleyFAIL [8/11]6:29.48DQ on Incline Devil Steps
2Jenn HenningFAIL [2/11]1:21.79DQ on Transition Rings
3Maggie HicksFAIL [1/11]0:32.96DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Jamaal ChesneyPASS [11/11]2:21.85100% Complete
2Jonah ChosePASS [10/11]2:18.69Strike on Hanging Spheres
3Devontee LawsonPASS [10/11]3:23.78Strike on Hanging Spheres
4Christian NazarioPASS [10/11]2:52.50Strike on Battering Ram #2
5Alex WrightFAIL [9/11]4:00.52DQ on Decline Devil Steps
6Christiana BardsleyFAIL [8/11]6:29.48DQ on Incline Devil Steps
7Jonathan VazquezFAIL [7/11]2:32.92DQ on Broken Bars
8Jonathan BartlesonFAIL [6/11]0:57.83DQ on Hanging Spheres
9Kyle MedinaFAIL [6/11]1:41.20DQ on Hanging Spheres
10Frankie WilliamsFAIL [6/11]1:43.43DQ on Hanging Spheres
11Gregory McNuttFAIL [6/11]1:56.80DQ on Hanging Spheres
12Humberto SanchezFAIL [5/11]2:09.68DQ on Hanging Rings
13David JonesFAIL [5/11]2:23.82DQ on Hanging Rings
14Parker TempleFAIL [5/11]1:32.79DQ on Hanging Rings
15Guy MorrishFAIL [5/11]1:57.40DQ on Hanging Rings
16Jason BatesFAIL [5/11]2:04.54DQ on Hanging Rings
17Elijah PraterFAIL [5/11]2:13.00DQ on Hanging Rings
18Caleb InmanFAIL [5/11]2:18.35DQ on Hanging Rings
19Chris DeverFAIL [5/11]2:24.98DQ on Hanging Rings
20Tanner SmithFAIL [4/11]1:25.84DQ on Hanging Cones
21Nicholas WhiteFAIL [4/11]2:25.25DQ on Hanging Cones
22Aaron BaileyFAIL [4/11]1:35.10DQ on Hanging Cones
23Paul GuerraFAIL [4/11]1:39.21DQ on Hanging Cones
24Cody SnyderFAIL [4/11]1:46.92DQ on Hanging Cones
25Ronn AwitFAIL [4/11]1:50.95DQ on Hanging Cones
26Ben IsenbergFAIL [4/11]1:54.76DQ on Hanging Cones
27Andrew CasamassimaFAIL [4/11]2:08.52DQ on Hanging Cones
28Ryan PoortingaFAIL [4/11]2:20.87DQ on Hanging Cones
29Will JonesFAIL [4/11]5:12.32DQ on Hanging Cones
30Eric BegensFAIL [4/11]1:12.64DQ on Hanging Cones
31Austin BussiereFAIL [3/11]0:58.67DQ on Battering Ram #2
32Daniel RussellFAIL [3/11]1:01.22DQ on Battering Ram #2
33Joshua RoarkFAIL [3/11]1:16.70DQ on Battering Ram #2
34Donovan DunawayFAIL [3/11]1:18.34DQ on Battering Ram #2
35John DuhonFAIL [3/11]1:26.48DQ on Battering Ram #2
36Blake SpeakmanFAIL [3/11]1:32.75DQ on Battering Ram #2
37Caine WilsonFAIL [3/11]1:32.93DQ on Battering Ram #2
38Talon DouglasFAIL [3/11]1:35.41DQ on Battering Ram #2
39Sean QuinonesFAIL [3/11]2:02.97DQ on Battering Ram #2
40Makhi RichburgFAIL [3/11]2:03.96DQ on Battering Ram #2
41Daniel BeltzFAIL [3/11]2:27.60DQ on Battering Ram #2
42Pablo BarciaFAIL [3/11]1:02.69DQ on Battering Ram #2
43Vincent WongFAIL [3/11]1:28.20DQ on Battering Ram #2
44Timothy RenggliFAIL [3/11]1:33.76DQ on Battering Ram #2
45Johnathan PerrettaFAIL [3/11]1:34.17DQ on Battering Ram #2
46Victor CruzFAIL [3/11]1:17.31DQ on Battering Ram #2
47Ethyn PerimanFAIL [3/11]0:03.47DQ on Battering Ram #2
48Vincent AngelFAIL [2/11]1:04.17DQ on Transition Rings
49Marshall HensonFAIL [2/11]1:08.83DQ on Transition Rings
50Michael ZobianFAIL [2/11]1:09.84DQ on Transition Rings
51Bryce RomackFAIL [2/11]1:11.62DQ on Transition Rings
52Christopher HarrellFAIL [2/11]1:11.71DQ on Transition Rings
53Roy MasseyFAIL [2/11]1:12.45DQ on Transition Rings
54Nathaniel PetersonFAIL [2/11]1:16.40DQ on Transition Rings
55Erin PortilloFAIL [2/11]1:17.79DQ on Transition Rings
56Zachary AlexanderFAIL [2/11]1:19.42DQ on Transition Rings
57Kevin TrimpeyFAIL [2/11]1:21.64DQ on Transition Rings
58Jenn HenningFAIL [2/11]1:21.79DQ on Transition Rings
59Sean FaganFAIL [2/11]1:24.14DQ on Transition Rings
60Troy MaheuxFAIL [2/11]1:25.96DQ on Transition Rings
61Elias JohnsonFAIL [2/11]1:27.37DQ on Transition Rings
62Johnathan KaiserFAIL [2/11]1:30.85DQ on Transition Rings
63Austin ThomasonFAIL [2/11]1:32.95DQ on Transition Rings
64John JordanFAIL [2/11]1:37.67DQ on Transition Rings
65Jacob HatcherFAIL [2/11]1:41.76DQ on Transition Rings
66Michael KerestegianFAIL [2/11]1:46.31DQ on Transition Rings
67Joshua KrischkeFAIL [2/11]0:38.44DQ on Transition Rings
68Nicholaus Kozan IIFAIL [2/11]0:50.82DQ on Transition Rings
69Brian Armstrong-HollerFAIL [2/11]0:53.61DQ on Transition Rings
70Nate MclaughlinFAIL [2/11]0:54.20DQ on Transition Rings
71Tony FernandesFAIL [2/11]1:03.93DQ on Transition Rings
72Gabriel AspirasFAIL [2/11]1:06.70DQ on Transition Rings
73Kasen CharlesFAIL [2/11]0:59.00DQ on Transition Rings
74Ethan PetersenFAIL [1/11]0:29.90DQ on Battering Ram #1
75Jesus SotoFAIL [1/11]0:32.91DQ on Battering Ram #1
76Maggie HicksFAIL [1/11]0:32.96DQ on Battering Ram #1
77Emma DendlerFAIL [1/11]0:34.63DQ on Battering Ram #1
78Sandra MontanoFAIL [1/11]0:35.63DQ on Battering Ram #1
79Joshua NunezFAIL [1/11]0:35.72DQ on Battering Ram #1
80Brandon GeronimoFAIL [1/11]0:36.33DQ on Battering Ram #1
81Roy PowellFAIL [1/11]0:37.00DQ on Battering Ram #1
82Chris JordanFAIL [1/11]0:37.66DQ on Battering Ram #1
83Jennifer MoonFAIL [1/11]0:38.56DQ on Battering Ram #1
84Danny SmithFAIL [1/11]0:39.69DQ on Battering Ram #1
85Vincent TranFAIL [1/11]0:44.61DQ on Battering Ram #1
86Isaiah WinsorFAIL [1/11]0:49.85DQ on Battering Ram #1
87Joshua CristFAIL [1/11]0:51.97DQ on Battering Ram #1
88Jacob RendonFAIL [1/11]0:52.86DQ on Battering Ram #1
89Ryan MarrsFAIL [1/11]1:01.46DQ on Battering Ram #1
90Bryan LavertyFAIL [1/11]1:14.77DQ on Battering Ram #1
91Vina SheeFAIL [1/11]0:56.61DQ on Battering Ram #1
92Brianna FinsethFAIL [0/11]0:10.64DQ on Cliff Hanger
93Jonathan PereboomFAIL [0/11]0:12.28DQ on Cliff Hanger
94Xiaolong LiFAIL [0/11]0:13.15DQ on Cliff Hanger
95Camron RomaFAIL [0/11]0:14.65DQ on Cliff Hanger
96Wendell AdamsFAIL [0/11]0:16.56DQ on Cliff Hanger
97Calvin GierdharieFAIL [0/11]0:16.63DQ on Cliff Hanger
98Shelby RaynerFAIL [0/11]0:17.46DQ on Cliff Hanger
99Nathan CollinsFAIL [0/11]0:19.41DQ on Cliff Hanger
100Kayleigh Van AttiFAIL [0/11]0:22.30DQ on Cliff Hanger
101Jake LuceriFAIL [0/11]0:22.59DQ on Cliff Hanger
102Jahsoulii BlainFAIL [0/11]0:23.12DQ on Cliff Hanger
103Travis SpragueFAIL [0/11]0:23.34DQ on Cliff Hanger
104Mathew IckesFAIL [0/11]0:26.10DQ on Cliff Hanger
105Ellie FischerFAIL [0/11]0:26.14DQ on Cliff Hanger
106David ClarkFAIL [0/11]0:26.20DQ on Cliff Hanger
107Angela KitzerowFAIL [0/11]0:26.44DQ on Cliff Hanger
108Emily PomanaFAIL [0/11]0:28.14DQ on Cliff Hanger
109Lexi Vander WoudeFAIL [0/11]0:28.19DQ on Cliff Hanger
Laughlin AFB
Top 3 Male
1Rhett SpongbergPASS [11/11]1:16.56100% Complete
2Benjamin LeePASS [11/11]1:33.61100% Complete
3Christopher BeckettPASS [11/11]4:02.10100% Complete
Top 3 Female
1Jill JacksonFAIL [3/11]1:16.00DQ on Battering Ram #2
2Lily JacobsoFAIL [1/11]0:37.50DQ on Battering Ram #1
3Jacqueline BeckettFAIL [1/11]0:43.21DQ on Battering Ram #1
Overall Results
1Rhett SpongbergPASS [11/11]1:16.56100% Complete
2Benjamin LeePASS [11/11]1:33.61100% Complete
3Christopher BeckettPASS [11/11]4:02.10100% Complete
4David RiddellPASS [10/11]3:36.38Strike on Transition Rings
5Lander RPASS [10/11]1:34.72Strike on Battering Ram #1
6Thatcher CardonFAIL [5/11]2:06.43DQ on Hanging Rings
7Kyeonee RussellFAIL [4/11]1:36.86DQ on Hanging Cones
8Carlos RodriguezFAIL [3/11]1:34.18DQ on Battering Ram #2
9Cody MillsFAIL [3/11]1:49.58DQ on Battering Ram #2
10Jill JacksonFAIL [3/11]1:16.00DQ on Battering Ram #2
11Felix CintronFAIL [3/11]0:56.12DQ on Battering Ram #2
12Adam FleurimondFAIL [2/11]1:18.90DQ on Transition Rings
13Andrew LongakerFAIL [2/11]1:48.85DQ on Transition Rings
14Eric CuriaFAIL [2/11]0:21.35DQ on Transition Rings
15Dylan RossittoFAIL [2/11]0:40.82DQ on Transition Rings
16Charlie VelinoFAIL [2/11]1:18.40DQ on Transition Rings
17Brent JohnsonFAIL [1/11]0:30.31DQ on Battering Ram #1
18Lily JacobsoFAIL [1/11]0:37.50DQ on Battering Ram #1
19William BurkeFAIL [1/11]0:42.62DQ on Battering Ram #1
20Jacqueline BeckettFAIL [1/11]0:43.21DQ on Battering Ram #1
21William NotbohmFAIL [1/11]0:52.22DQ on Battering Ram #1
22Maria LoFAIL [1/11]1:32.48DQ on Battering Ram #1
23Casey HarringtonFAIL [1/11]1:33.90DQ on Battering Ram #1
24Britt WarrenFAIL [1/11]1:37.15DQ on Battering Ram #1
25David LesterFAIL [1/11]0:44.85DQ on Battering Ram #1
26Matthew SimonFAIL [1/11]0:53.54DQ on Battering Ram #1
27James TaggartFAIL [0/11]0:00.95DQ on Cliff Hanger
28George RicheyFAIL [0/11]0:09.27DQ on Cliff Hanger
29Jordan SowdenFAIL [0/11]0:12.30DQ on Cliff Hanger
30Brian EricksonFAIL [0/11]0:12.60DQ on Cliff Hanger
31Tatiana PerezFAIL [0/11]0:14.79DQ on Cliff Hanger
32Yuridia SotoFAIL [0/11]0:15.70DQ on Cliff Hanger
33Brittney ZipperianFAIL [0/11]0:15.87DQ on Cliff Hanger
34Karson gabriel ArteroFAIL [0/11]0:17.22DQ on Cliff Hanger
35Sandra MacdonaldFAIL [0/11]0:20.23DQ on Cliff Hanger
36Felipe CuestaFAIL [0/11]0:21.35DQ on Cliff Hanger
37Edward SlaughterFAIL [0/11]0:23.70DQ on Cliff Hanger
38Lauren MontelloFAIL [0/11]0:25.29DQ on Cliff Hanger
39Jayly JacksonFAIL [0/11]0:35.27DQ on Cliff Hanger
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