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Alpha Warrior Rig arrives at Maxwell

Airman 1st Class Charles Welty, Air University Public Affairs | Published 4:30 p.m. CT May 1, 2018

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE — The 42nd Force Support Squadron unveiled the new Alpha Warrior Battle Rig last week in Maxwell Air Force Base’s Wellness and Fitness Center.

Members of the base community were invited to watch a demonstration of the obstacle course from three Alpha Warrior professional athletes and were then given the opportunity to give it a shot themselves.

“The mission of Alpha Warrior is to create a functional fitness program through obstacle training,” said Barclay Stockett, an Alpha Warrior professional athlete. “Say you’re out on the battlefield, it’s constantly changing and you have to be adaptable. This course has so many different avenues, techniques and ways to get through it, it really works on quick decision making and problem solving.”

Members of the Alpha Warrior team said that through this equipment, they are trying to cover the four Air Force pillars: exercising mental, physical, social and spiritual fitness, as well as providing a fun and exciting way to workout.

“Before I found out about obstacle course training I wasn’t exercising or training in any way because I couldn’t find anything I enjoyed,” Stockett said. “As soon as I started obstacle course training, it all completely changed. I am more fit and healthy than I have been in my entire life because I enjoy what I do and want to do it more often.”

Currently the team is touring around the country hosting events like this one, with the hope of getting at least one variation at every military installation.

Regional competitions for the rig are scheduled to take place this fall with the winners going to San Antonio for a national competition. Members of the Alpha Warrior team are planning to return to Maxwell in mid-June to host a coaching session for anyone interested in improving their performance on the rig.

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