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Jarod Cogswell is an Alpha Warrior Pro Coach and high energy veteran fitness professional, certified performance enhancement coach and mountain athlete. His passion for fitness began when he was training for high school sports and eventually preparing him for collegiate football. Soon after college, he continued his mission “to help enhance and transform lives physically, mentally and emotionally.” To this day, his training focuses on mindset as much as strength and conditioning.

While living in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Jarod began backcountry snowboarding, which has led to him climbing many of North America’s classic peaks and routes. As a mountain search and rescue team member he has been honored and awarded for his commitment to helping others in need and has reached the summit of Mount Hood by various climbing routes nearly 100 times. He points to fitness and “interesting climbing experiences” as his main reasons for maintaining focus, a positive mindset and having fun in a sometimes-hostile mountain environment.

Professionally, Jarod is a fitness industry leader residing in Portland, Oregon and serves as a presenter, business mentor, coach, team builder and former gym owner. As a fitness pro, Jarod feels it’s his purpose to educate, motivate and inspire those he leads.

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